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  1. Hi Everyone!

    If you are bored at work or school, please come and check out this new Blog!


    The blog I need help with is

  2. (1) What is your blog about and which niche is it in?
    (2) What makes your blog unique from all the other blogs on the same topics in the same niche?
    (3) WIIFM - What's in it for me? Why should I click your link when you have done nothing to promote your blog?

  3. The reason I'm asking these questions is that threads with just a link drop in them and no blog promotion usually get ignored. Why no try to create a 140 character "elevator speech" introducing your blog?

    An "elevator speech" is a super-short explanation of an idea, a business, or a blog, designed to create further interest that can be delivered in the time it takes folks to ride from the top to the bottom of a building in an elevator.

    You could then use it here and on social media sites like twitter and friendfeed, as well as, in blog directories, social networks, online forums and groups.

    To take that a few steps further consider doing the following:

    (1) Write an appealing profile
    This is will you an opportunity to briefly showcase your knowledge in regard to the subjects you blog about. You can place it on your blog's About page, and on the profile pages of all blog directories, social media sites, social networks, online forums and groups you are a member of.

    (2) Write concise and informative blog description. This will give you an opportunity to let reader know what to expect in terms of the purpose of your blog, your blogging goals, and the categories and tags that characterize your blog contents.

    I'm a blogging tips blogger and if your click my username you will arrive inb a blog that has many entries on blog promotion, attracting readers, and increasing "organic" (unpaid for) traffic.

    Best wishes for effectively promoting your blog. :)

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