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FUN! How many usernames do you have on WordPress?

  1. I have four, each of them contribute to the whole me in different ways...

    You can ask for one only from the previous poster..

    It will be fun to see how this pans out...

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Oh and you have to be honest, no hiding behind curtains... ;)

  3. one :)

  4. One;)

  5. Thumbs up for those who have only one but to TT too who have more than one :).
    I also have one :)

  6. Alas - just one.

  7. Three thanks to the spam filter on these forums.

    Not fun at all.

  8. Two. And since we can't delete our accounts here, I'm not getting any more.

  9. Two

  10. strawberryindigo

    I didn't know anyone could have more than one username. It is already a bit bizarre around here....I guess it makes it more interesting but it's not for me because I would get confused and forget who or what I am.

  11. @strawberryindigo - people who have more than one account have a username for each.

  12. Just one. I really don't need any more than that.

  13. One. Anymore me's would be a hazard.

  14. I have had two separate usernames for my two domains for years now.

  15. Just one. How many of me do we really need?

  16. strawberryindigo

    Maybe with a new persona, I might be able to get across to you that I was attempting a stupid joke and not just attempting to be stupid...well, better luck next time. ;)

  17. I have 2.

  18. @strawberryindigo - maybe with a new brain I could get across that I'm not as dry as I seem! :P

  19. One and only one... chorwin

  20. One.

    If I did have more than one, I wouldn't tell you. Kind of defeats the purpose.

  21. strawberryindigo

    @ absurdoldbird: haha :) Your'e a good bird that's for sure.

  22. @teamoyeniyi
    If you have two blogs on domains and want to move one to self hosting and your registered both under one username that's when you will find that is a very good reason for having two usernames. Been there - done that! I now have two username accounts so the blog are anot associated and domain managment is easy.

  23. 3 and all of them were mistakes
    Hello Timethief. Nice to meet you after years. and even nicer to meet you at the same place of departure =) You are the only one I can recall on was another lady a good friend of mine, of my age I forgot now) and I can see even better women from 3 or 4 years back in the form of you. I salute your true devotion. Hope you remember and recognized me =)

  24. @TT totally understand having two. Just I am happy with my one.

    Here is a follow on question for everyone I just thought of. Where else do you use the same ID?

    I use mine everywhere I can for branding purposes. So it is TeamOyeniyi on Twitter, Blogcatalog, etc. G+ are fussy and only wanted names at the time and my Facebook profile has been around for years, so no change.

  25. Have the same username on FB but somebody already had Momfog on Twitter (and has 1 stinkin' tweet...grrr) so I used a variation: AFoggyMama

    I signed up for Google+ ages ago and never go there. Ever. I also use Momfog on Pinterest. I generally use momfog on all social media.

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