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    Hello everyone,

    I was just wondering how can I add some fun and cool widgets to my website , it looks like everything is very minimal and i don’t have a lot of choices to customize my website. I would love to erase my secondary sidebar for example and use it for other things like postits to put some cute notes to my readers.

    Please help me out!

    The trend jungle

    The blog I need help with is



    Have you checked out the available widgets found here?

    Are your keenly aware of the fact that readers come to read original content and when it comes to Widgets: Less is More because all widgets can be distracting and “fun widgets” can destroy the professional appearance of any blog theme?

    for other things like postits to put some cute notes to my readers

    Codes useful for text widgets



    I would love to erase my secondary sidebar

    Theme description

    Oxygen offers seven widget areas:
    The Primary Sidebar displays categories and archives by default, and the Secondary Sidebar displays search, links, and meta by default if no widgets are configured in Appearance → Widgets.

    To hide the secondary sidebar ( the one on the left ) on the Oxygen theme showcase page template requires a custom design upgrade and CSS editing. If you remove it then there is no place for widgets to display in.


    @thetrendsjungle, it sounds like you want to fill your secondary sidebar with something else, rather than ‘hiding’ it. As timethief’s info above states, you would replace the default content (the stuff it displays when you haven’t assigned anything to it) by adding your own widgets to it.

    If you did want to hide it and leave it empty, however, you could override the default content (without using css) by sticking a blank, empty Text widget in your secondary sidebar.

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