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Functionality problem

  1. Hello everyone

    I just upgraded my blog from free to paid, but still i am getting the functionality of free domain. Its like 2days that i have purchased the domain, can any one suggest me why it is happening.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. What were you expecting? What Upgrade did you select?

  3. Like i didnt get any plugin options and still i am getting part whenever i go to my dashboard

  4. You won't get PlugIn ability with any upgrade.

    Not sure I understand your second point.

  5. As i told you that i purchased the domain and when ever i login in my site then the url of my dashboard is like which i think is wrong.

    is there any way by which i can do live chat with wordpress support team?

  6. When you purchase a domain upgrade, all it changes is the domain that visitors use to reach your website. is still the host of the website, so you will still manage the site in the same way as before. Here is more information about domains:

  7. How I add google analytic's to my blog after i upgrading it from to

  8. How I add google analytic's to my blog

    No can do

  9. then what are the benefits will i get after upgrading my blog.. only i got that my urls are changed nothing else... only for urls i paid 18$ to wordpress...

  10. After upgrading my domain from to but still when i login in my blog and enter in my Dashboard then i got this url seobasciwithmee, i dont know why?

  11. As noted above - when you log into the dashboard of a mapped blog you always see the base blog URL - visitors see the mapped domain name - that is the way domain mapping works

  12. So i will not get this kind of url ?

  13. So i will not get this kind of url ?

    that is correct unless you move to a WordPress.ORG install with paid hosting -

    As long as visitors see the custom domain name what difference does it make?

    I have a mapped domain and the dashboard URL does not bother me a bit

  14. please tell me what can i do know, because i just spend my 18$ to get functionality like google analytic, google adsense and the url which i mentioned above.. I am maintain this blog from last 6 months and it is well established blog.. But now it looks that it is useless for me..

  15. google adsense

    Can't do that here either

  16. Please tell me why i spend my 18$ on this crap if dont get anything.. the ROI is 0...for me

  17. Same Terms of Service: The Domain Mapping Upgrade does not permit the use of any kind of prohibited code or upload additional themes or plugins. With the upgrade, your blog will still be hosted here at, which means that you will not have FTP access to your files and you will still be required to abide by our Terms of Service.

    All that happens is you add another address over the front door to help others find you. Nothing inside changes and all the same rules apply.

  18. is there any way through which i can get my full functionality like google analytic, google adsense etc on this blog... anything? Doesnt matter if it cost me more money

  19. Buy your own hosting and move

  20. how can i do this ? any guidelines for the procedure

  21. Your $18.00 bought you a domain name. Only a domain name.

    It did not buy you hosting.

    With your domain name, your url link to your site has a name like this:

    But you are still using with free hosting. The name does not buy you a different host. You must pay someone to host your site (to make it get online) or use a free host like wordpress.COM or Blogger or Tumblr.

    You are hosted now on You are still subject to the rules, regulations, and Terms of Service that you were before when your blog had the name like this:

    Because you are hosted at wordpress.COM you will continue to edit your site

    You cannot use plugins. users cannot use plugins.

    If you need plugins you need to pay someone to host your site.

    Please read this. You don't seem to know that there are different kinds of WordPress: wp.COM and wp.ORG. If you need plugins, then you must go to wp.ORG.

  22. Is there any way through which i can get everything which i google analytic,adsense,plugin etc..

  23. You need a good web host — This generally costs $7-12 a month, or thousands of dollars per month for a high traffic site.
    Here is where to find a host:

    You need some software to make your site work:

    WordPress (ORG) is free blogging software. With WordPress, you can install themes and plugins, run advertisements, edit the database and even modify the PHP code that powers your site. Anyone can download the software for free from, but it must be installed on a web server before it will work.

    Here is wp.ORG software:

    It is different from wp.COM

  24. @deepakjha818

    Is there any way through which i can get everything which i google analytic,adsense,plugin etc..


    Please read the links we have provided.

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