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    I am building business which will be an online marketplace and I am wondering if wordpress will be able to provide me with the functionality that I need? I am very new to this so need a WordPress for dummies breakdown on this :)

    I want to create a marketplace that allows users buy and sell their preloved clothes. I will need the following functions:
    – users need to be able to create an account
    – users need to be able upload their items for sale
    – the business will need to be able to take a percentage of sale and have the ability to hold funds and then release them once the buyer has received good.
    – users and rate /review other user after they have bought from them.
    – have the ability to build in a a process that allows a returns function is someone is unhappy with item.
    – have an automated process that generates shipping labels once a purchse is made.
    – users cannot contact each other off site to make transaction.

    Hoping you can help or steer me in the right direction

    Kim :)

    The blog I need help with is



    There is no secure payments system here at wordpress.COM and you cannot add a shopping cart to sites hosted by wordpress.COM.

    E-commerce options have been removed here at WordPress.COM. Secure payment systems are not available here at wordpress.COM. You need a wordpress.ORG install. Please read this

    Provided you are selling only what you yourself make or a service that you personally provide on a wordpress.COM site you have two options.

    (1) PayPal – Know that the only instructions that will work for posting a PayPal donation button on a blog are found here
    Note that the PayPal email link is not supported and PayPal customization options are not supported either This is not likely to be changed any time soon, if at all.

    (2) If you set up an eCommerce site somewhere else online you can create a custom menu and include a custom link to that site in it.

    Some bloggers create a contact form on a page and after the people have made a PayPal donation they provide the link to a private page for downloading files. Maybe that will work for you.

    If what I provided above at (1) and (2) do not suit you, then this guide will explain how to move your site to another hosting platform: Moving to a Self-Hosted WordPress Site where you can set up a secure payment system

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