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functions.php access with new 3rd party theme support

  1. Hi,

    Just trying to find out if the recent update to the business plan (3rd party theme/plugin support) allows funcitons.php access/control within a child-theme, and from this, the queuing of a custom-script.js file for instance?


  2. Hi Jason,

    The business plan does not allow for editing of any of the .php files. Custom javascript is not part of the business plan either - though I have heard that is something to come in the future.

    Let us know if you have any other questions we can help with.

  3. Hi Joyinco, Thanks for the prompt reply.

    The recent update to the business plan supports custom themes and child themes. With the Child themes support, if I upload my already customised child theme (with a pre-edited functions.php and js/custom-scripts.js) would it be stripped? or uploaded as is?

    Are there restrictions on themes? I have a finished .org wordpress site complete with custom child-theme I am looking to move to the hosting. THeme is This one.

  4. Hi Jason,

    Your custom child theme with code would be uploaded as is. Here is some additional information onchild themes and the business plan:

    I also wanted to clarify my previous statement about Javascript not being allowed on the business plan. There is no Jvaascript editor and no editor for the .php files on the business plan like there is in the software. However, if you install a plug-in or theme that has this functionality, the documentation says "...once you install a custom plugin or theme on the Business Plan, you are free to add any code that you want anywhere on your site — JavaScript, Flash, everything is fair game!" (That quote came from this document:

  5. I'd like to add one more thing. The file structure of business plan and self-hosted sites is a little different. When you migrate your site over to, be sure to follow the export/import instructions here:

    Don't use a third-party plugin to migrate or you will break your site.

    Good luck! We are happy to have you over here at!

  6. Ok this sounds very promising.

    So's interface itself doesn't support editing of the functions.php file and any .js associated with a child-theme, but there is nothing stopping me making these edits on my local development instance and uploading them to the site as updates to the theme/plugin etc.?

    Thank you for the moving wordpress link, i'll have a read through this as I had previously assumed a migration plugin could have done the trick in migrating the site.

  7. Hi Jason,

    Yes, you can make changes/child themes in your local environment and upload them to

    Good luck with your migration!

  8. Hi Jason,

    I just wanted to let you know that I discovered a way to get to the file editor on a business plan. Normally on you would use the Calypso editing interface. However, if you type https://<name of your site>/wp-admin you get the older wp-admin interface. This interface does have the Editor option just in case you needed that with your child theme.

  9. Hi Jason,

    I did a little testing on my Business site. I uploaded a child theme for Twenty-Seventeen and then modified the functions.php file via Appearance -> Editor in my WP-Admin dashboard.

    I added a taxonomies function that adds tags & categories to pages, like so:

    function add_taxonomies_to_pages() {
     register_taxonomy_for_object_type( 'post_tag', 'page' );
     register_taxonomy_for_object_type( 'category', 'page' );
    add_action( 'init', 'add_taxonomies_to_pages' );

    Clicked save, then went to a page and saw the following:

    As you can see, now I have those taxonomies on my Page post-types, something that wasn't there before or apart of the parent theme. I can also access these features through the new Calypso dashboard on

    So yes, you can make changes to the base code of your child theme through the editor, though you would need to upload all the files at once as a zip file.

    At this point, if you are making very extensive changes to your theme you may want to consider a self-hosted installation of WordPress, that way you can have more control over the backend of your files, see here:

    Though as noted in the link, the business plan is a good cross-section between .Com and .Org

  10. Awesome thank you both. Definitely looks like I have enough control that I need to keep the current sites functionality/customisations.

    Yes, I understand self hosted gives this control. Infact both sites are currently self-hosted, but we are looking to moved from this to a managed hosting as we don't have the scope for wordpress specific server knowledge and will also need the scalability/security of a managed hosting service.

  11. Hi Jasted, glad we could help! I highly recommend Siteground who specializes in WordPress hosting, absolutely flawless support team. Or :D If you wanted to keep the option of accessing the backend I would recommend this setup:

    Hosted on Siteground with Jetpack plugin. With the Jetpack plugin, you can log into your account and add content to any .org/self-hosted site you have connected through Jetpack. And with Siteground you can access cPanel and easily manage a lot of the backend.

    But if that is a bit too technical for your needs, then the Business plan is the way to go! As you can see, changes to the template files are possible but just a little bit tricky.

    As for moving to, you will want to read through this short tutorial, it will walk you through the steps to export/import your content from your self-hosted sites to hosted. If you have a lot of content, >15MB, you may need to have support staff move the content for you.

    See tutorial:

    Feel free to ask any questions you may have!

  12. Ok great, thank you. Will pass the suggestion onto the IT team who are looking into the hosting.

    Had another quick question on the moving process you linked.

    Will I be able to perform the xml export import migration to the default url that is assigned, check everything is running ok before mapping our current domain to the new site (as this is a live site to live site migration)?

    Are there any find replace plugin restrictions for doing a database find/replace of the temp domain to the new one we remap?

  13. Sorry another one, from reading in the moving wordpress link.

    I mentioned all users need to have a account? I assume this is only editing/author/admin style roles? Not subscribers?

    The site is a locked websites with user access (subscriber) required to view it and having all end-users requiring a account would not be viable as we create the users accounts for the site.

  14. Hi Jason,

    Will I be able to perform the xml export import migration to the default url that is assigned, check everything is running ok before mapping our current domain to the new site (as this is a live site to live site migration)?

    In order to import more than just content (i.e. to import plugins and themes) you will need to go ahead and purchase the Business plan and map a custom domain. The business plan comes with a free custom domain, so you could use that as your temporary domain. It cannot be the domain though.

    Are there any find replace plugin restrictions for doing a database find/replace of the temp domain to the new one we remap

    Importing of plug-ins, etc. and all of the renaming can be done. It is a little more complicated, so you will need the assistance of one of the Happiness Engineers here. Once you have a Business plan, you can email which will open a ticket or you can go to the support page and use the live chat. Be sure to state that this is not just a content import. That you also need plugins and theme imported.

    We don't usually allow users to request a specific engineer, but I want to be sure this is done by someone who has done it before, so you may request Andrew dela Serna. When you purchase a Business plan, you get a 1:1 live chat or screenshare. Information on setting that up will come in an email and also with your receipt for purchasing the busines plan. These sessions are usually about 30 minutes, but you could use this to get your site migrated. Just be clear when you set it up what you are looking to do.

    I mentioned all users need to have a account? I assume this is only editing/author/admin style roles? Not subscribers?

    Followers/subscribers do not need to have a account if your site is Public or Hidden. Only if it's Private. See here for the differences.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns.



  15. Hi Jason,

    I need to follow up on your last question again:

    I mentioned all users need to have a account? I assume this is only editing/author/admin style roles? Not subscribers?

    I found out today that membership-type sites will require login via WordPress at the moment. It sounded like this was possibly what you are looking to have when you say "subscribers". This is something we are working on, but for the time being, memberships will all have to sign in via

  16. ok, this might be an issue with our setup as I currently setup all user manually so its as a simple process as possible for them (just login). We dont want them having go through a user creation process.

    Any time frame on when this might be implemented?

    Our long term goal was to actually use our own products login auth0 integration bypassing the wordpress user authentication completely (so they can have single sign on to both the training platform (the wordpress site) and our products.

  17. Hi there,

    Sorry for the delay.

    Sites on the Business Plan already make use of Jetpack's Single Sign-on feature. So someone would need to have a account to log in - they can't log in via credentials you set in WP-Admin.

    This is not something being worked on as much as something being discussed. Specifically, we are discussing whether or not to allow site owners to disable Jetpack SSO, but I am unable to give any indication on what the decision around this will be or when it will be.

  18. ok, so is the wp-admin user section completely bypassed with a site?

    Would using our own single sign-on API with the auth0 plugin work in the same way as jetpack?

  19. The WP-Admin user section still exists, and the profiles will be created there as people sign up via Jetpack SSO, but you can't create accounts yourself and send members their credentials like with a self-hosted install.

    Installing your own SSO plugin would likely cause a conflict with Jetpack, meaning neither of them would work correctly. If Jetpack SSO were to be disabled, though, your plugin would most likely function exactly as on a regular self-hosted site. So whether or not WP-Admin ->Users would work would depend on your plugin.

    What you can try is to set up a self-hosted installation, install and connect Jetpack and activate the SSO feature, and then see how that interacts with your plugin. That should give you a pretty good idea how it would work with a Business Plan site. You can use a service like to do this without setting up a full hosting instance.

    (The people who run that service also have a free version at the domain

  20. Thank you, I started looking at this and found we actually dont use Auth0 for all customers, just a select few...

    so we looked into how to setup our own authorisation that would work with our cookie based SSO

    Thisis the general idea of the solution, which involves some a root hosted php file and the custom plugin. Would these be possible on a host?

    But I assume this might be already a similar vein to what Jetpack does and might conflict?

  21. Good morning :)

    One idea is to test this on a staging site which would tell you if there are any conflicts. Have you already tried that?

  22. Staging site as in a general self hosted site with jetpack SSO installed, or does the business hosting come with a staging site?

  23. Good morning -

    Apologies for the delayed reply.

    The business plan does not include a staging site. A plugin like Theme Switcha though would allow you to test themes before switching it for everyone.

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