Funy Joke (egg) on Contempt 1.0 theme (spanish)

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    Ok! Sorry for my other question, i saw the answer in the Laberynthic FAQ. I need more coffee. (Stupid me!)

    If someone can pay attention, there’s a joke on the “Post Meta Data” in the “Contempt 1.0” theme on spanish version (i dont know if other languages has the same egg)

    There’s a post meta data eg:

    Mañana es mi cumple!!! ;) Lunes 7 de Agosto de 2006 en 6:33 am y esta archivado en El mundo está loco, loco, loco.. Puede acompañar las respuestas a esta entrada a través de RSS 2.0 feed. Puedes deje una respuesta, o trackback de tu propio sitio. Editar esta entrada.

    First line: “Mañana es mi cumple!!! ;)”
    that means… “Tomorrow is my birthday!!! ;)”
    and some translation are wrong too.

    Contempt is a Kubrick-like theme with a more professional feel.

    more what? :D

    Dont be angry, is just a notice… if someone can fix that… I’ll appreciate it… two friends send me greetings :D

    C u

    Alejo Bardelli

    pd: the right translation of the basic PMD in spanish is:

    This entry was posted on Monday, February 12, 2003 at 11:32 and is filed under WordPress Lessons, Things to Know. You can follow any responses to this entry though the RSS 2.0 feed.

    Ésta entrada fue posteada el Monday, February 12, 2003 a las 11:32 y está archivado en WordPress Lessons, Things to Know. Puedes acompañar las respuestas a esta entrada a través del RSS 2.0 feed



    Best bet would be to edit the text with the translation Project as per the other thread. You might even want to send in a Feedback and point this out to staff so they’re aware of the issue.



    i think that’s only on the spanish version and that’s because im using Contempt and can’t find that <i>Mañana es mi cumple!</i> words

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