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Furluge's Depot

  1. Furluge's Depot is traditional-style personal web log where you will find opinion pieces, reviews, tutorials, artwork, and video productions created by or ordered by me, Furluge, all in one central location. If you enjoy gaming, could use some advice about your computer, enjoy original videos, or just really want to hear some well thought out opinions there will be something for you to like at Furluge's Depot.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. What's new at Furluge's Depot? This week brings two new articles. The first showcases some graphic design work done by myself. The second article takes a look at Turbine's DDO Unlimited and their Free to Play model and takes a look at just how much "Going free" is actually going to cost you.

    Also, Furluge's Depot is now available at a shiny new domain name,

  3. What's new at Furluge's Depot? Today we have a brand new article about how to get the most of DDO's Free to Play system including a listing of what quests are free and how to gain Turbine Points via favor. Also, a self-deprecating thank you to everyone who's been visiting.

  4. What's new at Furluge's Depot? First a post instructing the uninitiated how to now to react to good news if they want to preserve their dignity. And next a post announcing the launching of a poll for the "first 1000 hits" gift where you have the chance to decide what usesless cr- err, wonderful treasures you or one lucky person may receive.

  5. What's new at Furluge's Depot? The Horrible Dustcovered Optimus Prime Giveaway has begun. Yes, you too can win this dust-covered tchotchke that clutters up my desk. Huzzah!

    Also, bask in the glorious idiocy of my ISP as they mark their own newsletter as spam. Brilliant!

  6. What's new at Furluge's Depot? An extensive review of Bethesda's "Wet" for the Xbox 360. Because let's face it, you don't have enough people telling you their opinions on things!

  7. What's new at Furluge's Depot? We explore why my dog has nightmares about Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.

  8. What's new at Furluge's Depot? Impressions on Brutal Legend and a news entry on two of my City of Heroes story arcs being nominated for awards at the 2009 Mission Architect Awards.

  9. What's new at Furluge's Depot? First Impressions of Game's Workshop's Blood Bowl, D&D on the Microsoft Surface, and Thirty-five Improvements Fourth Edition brought to the Game of D&D. Not for those afraid of long, meaty articles.

  10. What's new at Furluge's Depot? An essay on why RPG game systems don't enhance role-playing. Enjoy!

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