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    Has anyone used a theme from http://www.furuthemes.com?

    I really would love to use the Sand & Starfish theme from http://www.furuthemes.com

    How do I install this on my blog from wordpress.com? I have a Manage Theme tab, but no Install Theme tab.

    If anyone can help I would greatly appreciate it, I REALLY want to use this theme as it is perfect for my business branding of the beach themed style and I’ve found nothing else like it anywhere.


    The blog I need help with is amandatapleyphotography.wordpress.com.


    In wp.com blogs you can’t install third-party themes: you can only select one of the (more than 150) themes available in Appearance>Themes.


    Does this mean I would need to upgrade to WordPress.org?

    If so, then I guess that means I need to get a hosting site like GoDaddy?

    I’m new to all this.
    It seems that the Sand and Starfish theme from Furu Themes is a PSD file, does that work when it comes to installing themes?

    Thanks for your quick response.




    Moving to WordPress.org isn’t an upgrade: it’s moving your blog to a new host. And yes, it means you need a new web host that you find and pay for.


    Thanks for letting me know … like I said … I’m new to all this. All I saw was UPGRADE TO PRO in the upper right hand corner while on my Dashboard of WordPress.COM …
    When I click on it, it takes me to WordPress.ORG

    I guess I’ll eventually figure it all out :)



    “Upgrade to Pro” is a wordpress.COM thing, not a wordpress.ORG thing. Upgrade to Pro takes you to the wordpress.COM store where they are offering you a bunch of wordpress.COM upgrades in a value bundle.


    Thanks for clearing that up … it’s all a bit confusing for me.

    All I want to do is get a theme working that I purchased from Furu Themes. Didn’t think it was going to be this difficult.



    Setting up a self-hosted site isn’t that difficult, and some web hosts will actually install the software for you (I think godaddy will on their “wordpress” web hosting package).

    If not, most hosts will have either Simple Scripts or Fantastico that you can use to install it through the cPanel on your hosting account. All you have to do is to answer a few questions and it will install it for you.


    Sacred Path ~ Thanks for your response and information.

    I use GoDaddy for my main photography website, so I’ll check with them.

    The website of the theme I am looking at mentioned Fantastico, which is new to me. I’ll look into that again.

    I have a question … my WordPress blog has only the tab for MANAGE THEMES and not the other tab next to it for INSTALL THEMES. How can I get the INSTALL THEMES tab?

    Thanks in advance!



    You cannot INSTALL themes at WordPress.com. You can only install themes on externally-hosted WordPress.ORG blogs.


    Raincoaster ~ That much I can tell … but had to ask. Just to make sure there wasn’t something simple I just happened to be overlooking.

    So basically I need to sign up with WordPress.ORG and contact GoDaddy to host it for me? Correct? This is a bit confusing to me. I’ve never blogged before … can’t you tell? LOL But I figured I would hang my head in shame and not be afraid to ask for help before I just give up and let it go.




    You need to find a web host. I don’t recommend GoDaddy. Find the web host and then add the WordPress software you get from WordPress.org. Some hosts pre-install WordPress software for you.

    Are you sure you want to do this just to get a specific theme? Most beginners are better off starting here with a unique domain name and then moving to self-hosting as their tech skills increase.


    Raincoaster ~
    I have a theme that is outside of WordPress that I would like to use.
    I would love to have it as it has a lot of the colors and the beach theme that I am looking for. It’s the Sand & Starfish theme from http://www.furuthemes.com which is supposed to work with WordPress.

    I’m not even sure how to get it to work myself when I move to self-hosting. If I’m understanding the file correctly … it’s a PSD which is Photoshop … Although I know Photoshop and use it I’m not sure how this works with WordPress. So I think I’m a bit in over my head, but I’m determined to get this to work … if not, I have a backup premium theme I can purchase. However, I would REALLY love to use the other one as I do not know how to create the same look or similar.

    May I ask who you do recommend if not GoDaddy? I currently have used GoDaddy for my main photography website for about 2 years now with no problems.



    It truly sounds to me like you aren’t ready for WordPress.org, but would do better to find a theme here that is relatively customizable and upload a custom header and perhaps background to it. That’s going to be WAY easier to do than being responsible for all your own tech support, as you would be at WordPress.org.


    Raincoaster ~

    I appreciate your honesty, I really do and I think you’re right too. Thank you for taking the time to explain and share as you did.

    Sighs … well like I said I was determined, but I can definitely see I would be biting off more than I can chew. I already purchased the theme and thank goodness it wasn’t too expensive, but would be able to use it at a later date, if I choose to.

    I think I’ll go about purchasing the premium theme I’ve been eyeballing and get things rolling. I like the theme I have now (a freebie), but it’s a bit dark compared to my photography website and I would like to somehow blend those together with similar looks, if possible. At least similar colors. I haven’t found a background that I would like to exchange the original one for. That’s what set me off looking for another theme and that’s how I came across the one I’ve been wanting to use. When I purchased it, I was under the impression it was as easy as just installing the new theme. But now see that it isn’t.

    Thanks again!



    You can always ask for a refund. Some theme sellers will give it to you; just explain you are hosted at WP.com and can’t use it.


    It was only $37 bucks on sale. I think I’ll hold onto it.

    Just in case you’re curious it was the Sand & Starfish theme on http://www.furuthemes.com

    I live on the beach and I love the beach theme. I adore starfish and love these colors and wanted something similar like this to use. Sighs … sometimes I wish I never saw it LOL



    Oh that’s not too difficult.

    Pick a theme with a substantial custom header. Pick one with soft colours.

    Pick one with a background as well; and then add in sand or surf or whatever from a photo or painting. You’d be amazed at what you can do with just a few tweaks.



    We have themes with features like custom image headers, custom backgrounds, and custom colors. You can use feature filters and live demo them here in the Themes Showcase forum.

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