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    Hi there,

    I really like Fusion but I don’t like that my blog title wraps onto 2 lines. The word on the second line is partially covered by the navigation tabs. Is there anything I can do about it — besides shortening the name of my blog? :)


    The blog I need help with is swrightboucher.wordpress.com.


    Not without the paid CSS upgrade and some CSS editing experience, but what you might do is contact support about it and see if the theme team will adjust the line-height on the site title.

    They would have to change the background color declaration for ” #header h1 a ” to transparent and then add a line-height of 40px to the ” #header h1 ” selector.


    Forgot to give you a contact link.



    Thanks very much. I’ll try that.



    Woah I just took a peek into Fusion’s HTML. That is a lot of wrapper div elements. Not good for people who use Firefox’s zoom features either. Looks like a bit of a headache to fix even with the CSS upgrade.


    Yeah, ain’t it a mess?



    We are not going to adjust the Fusion header styles—but it’s duly noted that this theme doesn’t work well with long titles. :)

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