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    I noticed something a little bit off with my website:

    I’m not sure whether this is happening because I have a(n animated) header or if it’s because I use Google Chrome.

    The blog I need help with is shane3x.com.


    Try looking with another browser. It looks fine to me with Safari and Firefox on mac.



    Just tried it in IE. Instead of it looking rounded it just looks like a grey rectangle.



    what version of chrome are you using you can check by clicking on the wrench icon then click on about Google chrome…
    also by following those steps if your chrome browser isn’t up to date the browser will trigger it self to check for the latest version update…

    Because when I was using the dev build and the previous beta version of chrome my tabs look like yours now That I updated to the latest beta version my tabs are more refined with the corners as you can see in this screen shot http://img816.imageshack.us/img816/3272/tabcorner.png

    I haven’t really known IE ever displaying round corners correctly


    IE does not yet understand the rounded corner CSS (MS is always a year behind other browsers it seems).

    IE8 should see them I would think, but I don’t have IE (being a Mac person). It should look alright in virtually everything by IE.

    Chrome have sort of fallen back it seems and there are more issues with it now than when it first came out – at least from the reports I’ve been getting from clients.



    It might be because I’m using the beta version.



    Never mind my screen shot that was taken using Firefox 4.0b6 it’s been a long day for me I forgot to switch browsers and check the tabs even with the latest version of chrome beta channel the tabs look like yours it’s how chrome renders the tabs so it’s possible it’s a browser issue



    We’re tracking this because it seems to be a Chrome bug, but on in the Windows version (Chrome on Mac displays as expected). We’ll let you know if we have an update in the coming weeks; hopefully Chrome will get it fixed up.

    Here are the bug tickets for Chrome in case you want to follow along:

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