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    If you put upload image to customize header in Fusion theme. then how do you hide the Blog Header Title text. It overlaps…

    The blog I need help with is alternativeeducationindia.wordpress.com.



    The only way to hide the Title is Option 1 delete the title name in the General settings which is not recommend because the search engines use the Title for the name of your blog… The 2 option if you know CSS is to by the CSS upgrade and remove the title that way…

    At this point those are the only options and probably will remain as the only options


    That isn’t an option in Fusion. It would require the paid CSS upgrade and some CSS editing experience.



    I was referring to the WordPress General Settings not a theme option just saying to clear up any misconceptions my reply may have caused


    I hadn’t refreshed or I would have worded my response differently.



    The option to hide the header text (both title and description) would be a nice feature for this theme. We’ll check into it and keep you posted here.



    @indiahomeschool Fusion now allows hiding the header text (the title only) from Appearance > Header.


    Thanks @slikbonez @thesacredpath @lance



    You’re welcome! indiahomeschool,

    I am happy to see lance intervened and created a solution…

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