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    I just purchased the CSS upgrade (with limited prior knowledge) and would like some help tweaking the Fusion Theme.

    First of all, I initially got rid of the black-on-black in the header title but couldn’t find the right line in the stylesheet corresponding to the title’s font color. All the color values I changed seemed to pertain only to the black box or the black background. I would ultimately like to a) change the header to be all white at the top and b) change the font color to be a readable gray tone on white. Changing the font-variant from small-caps to lowercase didn’t take effect in the preview, although changing the font family/style did… does that mean this part of the theme is locked?

    Also: how do I centre and stack titles in the header?

    There’s some funky “background: -webkit-gradient” and “background: -moz-linear-gradient” with lots of color values contained within that I’m not sure how to override/change…

    About the footer: what line should I be looking for if I want the widgets to align at the bottom in one row and not wrap onto a second row, like my text widget has done?

    I guess that’s it (for now). Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is anniavee.wordpress.com.



    The following code will turn the title back to lower case text:

    #title a {font-variant:normal;}

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