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    I just started using this theme and I do consider it the best of wordpress.com when it comes to ballance between clarity, functionality and aesthetics. But personally I do have one disappointment with this theme: there is no HOME hyperlink when you click the header.

    The header has an option to be “equipped” with his own text option – which is the blog title. But I personally prefer my own fonts and certainly don’t want the dark glassy background behind the title. So I unchecked the text option and had the title of my blog directly into the image header.

    That is why I consider that hyperlinking the header with HOME would be an excellent tweak (would make this theme perfect as far as I am concerned).
    Since this is a suggestion, I am not sure how a link to my blog is necessary, but just in case: http://subsoare.wordpress.com/

    The blog I need help with is subsoare.wordpress.com.


    Here is a link to the blog post on typekit about changing fonts on blogs here.



    Aaah, I do have a HOME tab, but it is translated into the language of the blog (–>Acasa tab). The blog would have been pretty much unusable if I didn’t have at least the tab.
    I know about the fonts needed to be on every visitor’s computer, that is why I used an image and not a separate text of my own with the desired font.
    It is just that most of us find it easier to just click the header instead of a small tab (it is like a general consensus since most of the blogs have this HOME hyperlink in the header)


    You can create a home link by putting this in a text widget:

    <div align="center" style="width:100%;top:52px;right:645px;position:absolute;z-index:11;">
    <a href="YOUR BLOG URL HERE">
    <div style="width:664px;height:116px;">

    This will produce an invisible linking rectangle in front of your header.


    Wow that was unexpected. I had no idea about this possibility. Thank God there are people out there that know what they do! :D

    Unfortunately the HTML script is somehow not perfect because all I get in the header is a small underlined “?” which acts as HOME, not the whole rectangle.
    But is fine, now that I got the picture I will go and bother one of my HTML knowing friends and perhaps I can get it to work properly.



    Hi there!

    You can change the font on your blog via type kit → Using Typekit with WordPress.com

    If you chose to use type kit their “try now” is their unlimited free version…


    Thank you,
    Although the theme comes with a simple function: Text or No Text.
    Should you chose yes, it is default (can change color I think tho)and the un-editable text is the blog title. That is all.
    You can’t change font or it’s content.


    @bogdantrandafir: you’re getting a questionmark because you messed with the code: what you’ve got in your text widget is not what I pasted above. (Among other things it’s missing the closing tag for the link and the closing tag for the outer div. And why did you change the width? The width I specified was calculated to stay clear of the sidebar, while now your search box doesn’t work unless you click its rightmost part.) Please copy and paste my code again without interfering with it.


    Hello again.
    I did copy paste the exact script + my blog url, but nothing happened after I saved and refreshed the page.
    After that I tried the HTML script in a blank web page and it works fine.
    So I messed with the dimensions a bit to try and see where it goes.The “?” was indeed my fault, I saw that later.
    But still, whit your original script nothing happens :/


    I checked the sourcecode of your page, and the code is still wrong – probably because you’ve checked the option “Automatically add paragraphs” in the widget, which has no place when you’re adding code instead of plain text.


    OMG that was it!!!
    Thank you for being damn good at what you do (or like)! I wouldn’t have caught up with that with all the internet HTML for beginners I have looked for today. I know it is just a language and can be learned by anybody (after a certain amount of time) but some things – such as this – simply come from experience and practice. So thanks again.

    Now if I am not asking too much, may I ask how the heck that “Automatically add paragraphs” affected the whole process? If the answer is to laborious, then is fine, I will satisfy my curiosity somewhere else :D


    You’re welcome.

    The main box of a text widget is an HTML editor. If you typed text in it, without the appropriate HTML tags, it would turn up as a continuous string with no line or paragraph breaks. So WP added that option to help those who know no HTML at all. That option introduces tags for line or paragraph breaks at the points where you press return. But it works with text only: when you add code instead of text, it tries to introduce such tags again where there should be none, destroying the code. In your case it turned this (link code):

    <a href="URL">

    to this useless crap:

    <a href="URL"></p>


    Ok, now I am starting to follow.
    Thanks again for your efforts!




    Hi! I was just wondering if anyone here knew how to remove those horizontal lines underneath the header image? I’ve been trying to find in the CSS stylesheet, but with no luck!


    @coffeehouse, your question is off topic from this thread. Please start a new thread, and please give us a link to the blog that you are talking about. The one linked to your username is using twenty ten and there are no horizontal lines underneath the header image, neither are there on Fusion.

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