Fusion theme…is it still relevant? Is there a similar more up to date theme?

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    I use the wordpress.com Fusion Theme. I want to update my website/blog and although I like the theme a lot I am not sure if it has kept up with recent developments such as responsive design, etc. There is a warning on the wordpress.ORG version of Fusion that says it is out of date and may not be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues …What about the wordpress.com version? Has it been updated in the past few years? What am I missing out on by using it? Is there another theme that is very similar but more up to date? Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is cathyscholl.com.



    Retired themes do not support all WordPress features. I do not see that “retired” notation here http://theme.wordpress.com/themes/fusion/



    So if it’s not retired does that mean it has responsive design, etc? Does wordpress.com keep the themes up to date or is it up to the theme designer?



    a) The original designer of a theme has nothing to do with the wordpress.com version of it.
    b) Fusion doesn’t have a responsive layout. You can easily see if a theme has a responsive layout, by dragging the browser window to make it narrower: a responsive theme will shrink, and after a certain point its sections will change or move (for instance the sidebar will become a footer area).
    c) Up-to-date and responsive aren’t synonyms: many new themes are responsive, but there are also themes that are newer than Fusion yet they aren’t responsive.

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