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    I’d like the Calendar widget to serve as an event calendar, with clickable meeting dates. And I’d like the meeting announcements to be published as posts.

    Since meeting announcements precede the meeting by a few weeks, I would have to set the post date for each meeting announcement to a future date. But this seems to make the post disappear, and then the date on the calendar is not clickable.

    Do I need to upgrade in order to get this functionality? It looks as though the EventCalendar3 plugin can do this.



    The feature you cite has been requested previously for wordpress.com blogs but is not available. The plugin you refer to is not for this software. It’s for wordpress.org software. This is a wordpress multi-user wp-MU shared blogging platform. We do not use plugins here. If you must have this functionality then you will have to either self host free software from http://wordpress.org on your own server or hire a blog host to do that for you.



    You can also send in a afeedback from your dashboard on monday morning and suggest this feature. Be sure to include a link to teh plugin you;re looking at as well as the reasons why you would like to see it added in. Please remember that if you don’t do that, there’s a good chance staff will not see your request.

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