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Future Posts Released Before Timestame Time (Again)

  1. I had a post scheduled to appear at 12:01 on 01/28/2012. While saving edits to it last night it was all of a sudden published and sent out to subscribers. I had to do a double take, but the date was indeed still in the future, while the status had changed from Scheduled to Published. I searched the forums and this appears to have happened in the past, but the bug was fixed and the topic was closed, so posting again.

    It looks like should have fixed this... is it a different issue?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Please contact Staff directly about this issue as we Volunteers cannot help you with it.

  3. Did you set your time zone to your local time zone at settings > general? Make sure it is set for your time zone and not for another.

  4. @thesacredpath
    Good catch! Thank you. I need more coffee.

  5. Thanks, but don't expect too much out of me as far as clear thinking. I've got a horrendous cold.

    I'd be in bed right now, but I have two newsletters to get out and 6 videos to edit and get onto a client's site. Oh yeah, and two ads for print magazines. And a Partridge in a pear tree.

  6. @thesacredpath
    I feel for you and I can relate. I also have a virus and a huge pile of contracted work to plough through. :(

  7. My time is set correctly, and hasn't been changed recently. I'll follow up with staff, thanks.

  8. You're welcome from me and best wishes.

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