Future Time/Date Stamp for Post is Gone???

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    I try to post in the future and have used the future Time/Date stamp without any problem. Now it is nowhere to be seen. Help!!!



    Hi susieofarabia! I’m no expert, but you might try lookng under the Publish Status to the right of the post. Click to the right of Publish immediately. It opens a time stamp. Hope that helps.



    Ooops. To be precise, when you are writing a post, there is a Publish Status box to the right of where you are creating the new post. Look for the Publish immediately option (it’s the default) and click on the word “edit” to open the Time/Date stamp. I think that’s what you are looking for.



    Wow, how super unintuitive. Thank goodness they decided to hide that feature instead of leaving it out in the open where it was easily accessible. This new design was so incompetently handled it boggles the imagination.

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