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    I was wondering if WP was going to, or already has a widget for adding a G+ tag to either link to a profile, or add to circles, or even one similar to the twitter widget that shows the latest stream posting? I’ve searched here and online in general but can’t find anything. If it doesn’t exist I would like to highly encourage that it be added asap.


    The blog I need help with is newd7000user.wordpress.com.



    We’ll definitely pursue Publicize via Google+ as soon as it becomes available.

    At this time, Google has not provided an API for any service to automatically post to Google+ and the crew behind Google+ have been pretty firm in their stance that they don’t want to see any automated content on Google+, so I doubt such an option will ever be available in the near future. https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/publicize-and-google/page/2?replies=39#post-700337



    You can have a Google Plus sharing button on your posts > http://en.support.wordpress.com/sharing/ However, the widget ou have asked for is not available at this time.

    Your front page as far too many posts on it with far too many large images in the post to load quickly. page loading time is a page ranking factor. We have 3 -4 seconds befor the average person clicks out. To reduce the number of posts on your front page go here > Settings > Reading and enter a lower number here
    Blog pages show at most __posts
    then click “save changes”.

    You can also edit posts and insert “the more tag” placing it before the images. The result will be only excerpts on the front page with a continue reading link visitors can click to read the entire post on it’s own page.


    I have found a nice g+ widget at widgplus.com
    It looks like it’s still under development,and it’s not very noob friendly,so I wouldn’t recommend it to a complete beginner. Fully customizable,intuitive menu,on the page the widget will show a full widget if you want to make just a 50×50 picture widget,but on site will show ok.
    There are other options for a G+ widget out there,but I used this one for a while now,it’s stable and it does the job for me.



    @omgifeelsosafe: That widget uses iframes, which are not allowed here at WordPress.com:


    There’s a plugin for wp. Search for widgplus.


    after installing,a google + menu will show in settings and a widget in widgets :)



    @omgifeelsosafe: You really need to read this before continuing this discussion on a WordPress.COM forum :-)


    oh,sorry I see what you mean.
    I was just trying to help,I’ll be more careful next time :)



    Thanks. Your intentions were good but we Volunteers do find that when people pipe up with solutions that are only for WordPress.org self hosted sites here on the WordPress.com support forums confusion inevitably follows. :) The Google+ widget cannot be use4d on free hosted WordPress.com blogs.



    I c :)



    Happy blogging! :)



    Thanks for the thread above.

    Like newd7000user, I’m interested in a basic Google+ widget (similar to the one for twitter) as soon as it’s available for wordpress.com. Just a link to the profile would be awesome. =)




    Just a link to the profile would be awesome. =)

    In the interim you can simply capture a Google plus image, upload it to your blog and link it to your profile page at Google Plus. That image can be displayed either in a text widget or in an image widget in your sidebar.

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