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Ga Tech donated an app - may I buy a space upgrade and upload this 205MB app?

  1. mysaintscalendar

    Hi, I am founder of a nonprofit for and wondered if a space upgrade would allow me to not only upload the android app file from Georgia Tech grad students that they built us for a class but also allow other parents and teachers to download the app from my blog for their own use with kids? I have a photo gallery from which the app pulls its photos, and it is 170KB.
    Thank you so very much.
    Sensory Friendly Learning Inc.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Buying a space upgrade will allow you to additionally upload audio and zip files to your site. If the license allows you to redistribute the file, and it is in one of the above formats, then simply provide a download link.

  3. mysaintscalendar

    Thank you so much Jennifer. I've attached the notice from the Georgia Tech computer class that confirms that this is an original app made with me and for me as I support the children with ADHD and Autism in south Georgia. This app will be free for anyone who would like to download it.


  4. mysaintscalendar

    Hummm, let me try this again.
    This is a link to my other WP media file. Thanks so much again.

  5. @readdogs-I can see the page on your site at

    Again, purchasing the space upgrade will allow you to upload zip or audio file types to your site. You can then offer on your site a download link to the file. See the two links I mentioned previously.

    Also, be aware that these forums are for sites hosted on (I'm mentioning that because the link you gave above points to a self-hosted WordPress install, which is supported at )

  6. mysaintscalendar

    Thank you very much Jennifer. I am working on all of this daily and will buy the upgrade ASAP.

  7. mysaintscalendar

    Please may I double check with you per request of the Georgia Tech developer......he wanted to confirm that the application he made for me to offer to other parents and teachers is an approved format for downloading on my blog......

    the file is an Android application installation file (not video or audio).

    Thank you SO very much for your support.
    Sincerely, Jeannie

  8. mysaintscalendar

    Update: this Android application installation file is an .apk file which is not listed here:

    A demo of it is here:

    Teachers and parents will be downloading it to their devices. Is it allowable to upload this .apk file to my wordpress blog?
    Thank you so much for your advice. Have a great day.

  9. No, if it's not an allowed file you can't; what you can do is put it somewhere that permits that upload, like Fileden or Dropbox, and link to it from your website.

  10. mysaintscalendar

    Thank you very much Raincoaster. I often underestimate the wonder of Dropbox! I think I have it working now. If anyone you know has an android phone who would like to try the app, I'd be glad to send the password to them !
    Thanks so much again.

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