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Gaining more readership

  1. I'm going to be asking for some more advice from everyone. I am relatively new to the concept of blogging, as I'm not very technically gifted to add all kinds of embellishments to make my blog more apealing to viewers. My blog is titled 'Weaselgal's Haven'. I don't know if I should change the title, because I can't seem to think of anything better. It seems that what I write about isn't good enough for anyone, that I'm not mainstream, or am about the latest thing in social media. Would any of you be willing enough to poke through my blog, tell me what I've done wrong with it, what you like, hate, could improve? I'd like to get more readers, to be honest. Part of why I created my blog was because I'm really lonely, but even using a blog to reach out has seemed to fall flat. Please help me out, if you are able.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. read my post on to find some ways to get some readers

    Okay now for my critique:
    First of all you only have text. Add some photos. You can get some really great photos and other images over at . Just be sure to ask permission.

    Also it is kind of depressing. Sorry.

    Enjoy your day, hope this helped

  3. Well, I asked people to be honest. See, I don't have a lot of experience attatching photos, not to mention any media on my desktop. That's part of my problem. I don't have any training in website design, or doing all those technical things to improve it. I suppose I should make all my topics fluffier and brainless, so that it would appeal to more folks, but I was never one who really enjoyed dumb humor or reality TV.
    I need kindergarten level instructions on how to add media to my page. If folks look at my page, they can tell me what they'd like me to write about because so far what I've written is depressing garbage. I'd appreciate it.

  4. I vote for continuing on exactly the way you've started, depressing garbage and all. I don't think you should change a thing...well, not about your blog anyway.
    I think I would be disappointed if it turned into a blog to appease the masses.

  5. I agree with SBC, don't change the content. Although, I would recommend some more grammar checking.
    As for adding photographs, WP makes it very easy. Here is a very easy "kindergarten" how-to:
    Don't get discouraged by those who don't take a liking to your blog, not everyone will and that is just fine. Try finding other blogs in the same niche as yours and linking to them. Make sure you let them know you are doing so, so maybe they can do the same. Also, try Twitter. It's a great tool for bloggers.

  6. @weaselgal
    I have also visited your blog and I agree with what SBC and SB have said. To attract an initial traffic flow that will hopefully convert into regular readers and subscribers, new bloggers who have good writing skills need to focus on:
    1. Learning and understanding SEO and optimizing blog post titles, sub-titles, and keywords.
    2. Mastering use of the blogging platform that matches their goals and is easy to use.
    3. Choosing a niche and staying with it.

    There are 10 standard tips to get traffic that you hear over and over again in the blogosphere and they do work. Interesting content is an attractor and in blogging content is king but promotion is queen.
    In order to be a successful blogger:
    (1) You need to have expertise in a niche.
    (2) You need to know how to write very well.
    (3) You need to verify your blog with search engines and structure a reader friendly and search engine friendly blog by learning how to apply basic SEO techniques.
    (4) You need to build an archive of high quality original content and keep adding to it.
    (5) You need to update your content frequently with new posts in order to hold reader interest.
    (6) You need to learn how to promote your content effectively through social media, social networks and RSS feed sites, thereby encouraging other bloggers to backlink to your posts.
    (7) You need to comment, comment, comment on other blogs in the same niche.
    (8) You need to form relationships with other bloggers and create a blog centered community around your own blog.
    (9) You need to encourage your readers to comment on your posts and respond to their comments ASAP after approving them.
    (10) You need to participate in blog carnivals in your niche and become a guest blogger on blogs with a higher PageRank then your own blog has.

    If you need help with any of those please click my username and visit my blog because I have blogged on each of those individual topics.

  7. I suppose my writing skills aren't what they used to be. I didn't think I was THAT bad a writer, to be honest. As I said before, I'm not one of those tech savvy folks, so I may take you up on your offer, Timethief.
    About the only thing I'm fairly well-versed in is beads and semiprecious stones. I suppose I could start narrowing in on that, or artsy type stuff I like. I'm still learning how to upload images into my computer from digital cameras; that's where most of my images are.
    Blog carnivals? SEO? I did warn you I'm a putz about these kinds of things. I actually do have a Twitter account, and I have it linked up with my blog, so maybe that's a good step. Thanks for the advice.

  8. No one is saying you're a bad writer. Do not mistake helpful tips as insults. Write in your style, and about what ever you feel most comfortable with. I first found myself writing about books but moved to politics and pop culture. My writing is hardly miraculous, but I practice. As should you.
    Also, build relationships with other bloggers. Find blogs you have an interest in and leave well written comments that are easy to respond to. Meanwhile, put links of blogs you like on YOUR blog to keep the clicking moving.
    Good luck! :)

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