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Gaining readership with a blog

  1. This is a question to bloggers:

    How do you go about gaining greater readership for your blog? How did you get from zero to where you're at now?

    Just curious!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. pornstarbabylon

    The first week I got here I got tons of traffic from the categories I used which ended up on the global tag page. I got lots of perverts thinking they would find actual porn. Then I got spanked by WordPress and kicked off the global tag page making my stats plummet to near extinction. So I started commenting on similar type blogs & forums with my username name linking back to my blog. Then with enough content, I started getting traffic from search engines. I also linked everything so hoping they would see me as a referral hoping they would link back to me one day.

  3. pornstarbabylon

    Oh shoot. Just saw what the blog is about. *runs and hides ... lol*

  4. I guess it's an acquired taste, eh? :-)

  5. Still good advice. As is doing a forum search; there are hundreds of tips in the forum already.

  6. @raincoaster and pornstarbabylon: Good point about the advice, pornstar's and yours. Thank you both.

  7. is a cool blog surfer, i get some of my traffic there. is a good blogger's community. Post around there, and you'll also get traffic.

    Good luck !

  8. Also, don't forget to post around the forums. Be an active member of the community :)

  9. does only get you views, not people who are interested in your blog. Which means those views are 'fake'. Only a few people do watch the list and are looking for blogs.

  10. @lorawow

    That's quite interesting about I noticed that I get a lot of traffic from that site but I never sought it out in the first place. Any idea how they found my site--or any site for that matter?

  11. That's a good question. They did that to me too. I first heard about it when I saw that it gave me traffic. But I didn't submit my blog in the first place. It's probably some sort of a bot that auto-submits the url of the blog.

  12. LOL!!! Ok, PornStar's posts just made me laugh. That was a hilarious juxtaposition.
    And well done LLoyola for being a good sport!

  13. LMAO @ Pornstar. For what it's worth I do read her blog...
    Anyway I think sites like Alphainventions and aren't really helpful at gaining readership. I agree that its like fake hits. I don't really care for these sites anymore. My site got on to when they were first getting it set up. I don't know how of why my blog was chosen to be on there. Maybe theres some connection through aplhainventions or something.

  14. @membracid: no big deal to me--it was all in good fun. :-)

    Anyway, all, if we can't really trust the views coming in from sites like condron, how do we know which numbers to trust on the blog stat screen?

  15. We don't. Just be glad they're there.

  16. Thanks for the honesty. Even if it's true, it is still a morale booster for a newbie like me

  17. @pornstar- Hold on, how do you link everything and stuff? I've tried to figure this out but I can't figure it out...

  18. pornstarbabylon

    Itheoates, if you take a post from another site, link back to them as the source. Or a picture(s) that are only on that site. Make a clickable link and credit them. When your visitors click through on the link, then that other site will see your site as a referral and one day might link back to you.

  19. I think the best way is to go on other blogs that are like yours and read/comment them GENUINELY because everyone likes having their blog read and most people will then have a look at you blog just out of sheer curiosity :)

  20. In experiments that I've done with the advice I've gotten in the forums, commenting on similarly themed blogs tend to give you the better quality comments.

    I've also experienced a huge jump in views by using reddit but with my blog (which is a Christian topic site), the traffic lasts as long as you have the next hot topic. Reddit is really great for ego boosts for sites like mine that doesn't necessarily get a huge audience like gadget blogs would.

    I guess the issue that I guess we all face as bloggers is how to SUSTAIN this readership.

    Any ideas?

  21. I agree with Nicstarr but at the same time I'm really new and get a good amount of visitors, but not many who actually follow my blog :( lol but mines mostly for girls who like fashion, makeup etc... sooo not many guys will be following my blog, its an aquired blog taste :) lol
    best of luck!

  22. To Sustain good readership...hmm...I don't get a lot of hits on my blog but the hits I do get they people are there for personal reasons and I do have a few that read whenever I post and contact me even if it's not on the blog. I think patience is an important part about blogging. I've only had my blog here on wordpress for about 5 months so I don't have a huge number of readers but I know the more I post and the committment level is important and IN TIME 'they will come'. I had found a link a little while ago in the forums (and I'm sorry I don't have the link handy so maybe you could do a search) about 10 place to post your blogs link, some of them you had to pay for but a number of them were free forum and good forum that you won't get spam from. This is one of those times where patience is a virtue.

  23. pornstarbabylon

    Reply back to comments. Because they'll come back and reply back or others might want to read what someone else is saying. I also have displayed the comments widget with the most recent 15 comments because people might like to read what others are saying.

  24. @bats0711

    I am starting to see a lot more people commenting on my blog than when I first started. So the whole "patience is a virtue" thing makes sense. Thank you for your comment. And I'll try to find that link in the forums you're talking about and put here in this forum post for others to find.


    I've actually doing as you suggested about replying to comments, both on my blog and by e-mail.

    About your suggestion on the comment widget: how much of an effect does it have in building community on your blog? When is the right time to start using the widget?

    Thanks again for this and your other suggestions.

  25. Yes, replying to comments is HUGE. Unfortunately, between RSS feeds and Twitter, comments are becoming rarer. The internet is give to get: comment in order to get comments. Engage with the community.

    And don't sell reddit, etc, short. You may be a hot flash for a moment, but in my experience, 10% of those people come back again.

    Use the comment widget IMMEDIATELY. It pays off as soon as you have one genuine comment.

  26. pornstarbabylon

    I also have the Recent Posts & Top Posts widgets also with the Comments Widget all on the sidebar. People are nosy and then follow the others to comment on the comments that the others just commented on. Then they all know each other and follow everyone around to the other similar blogs & forums. One blog I sometimes contribute at is mostly known for the commentors. They're insane and many should be in prison! But we all know each other from blog hopping and commenting on each others blogs & forums forming this dysfunctional community. Then I have people leaving comments threatening me and calling me every name which sometimes results in me making a new blog post about it. Many times they leave me news and information on a comment which I then use for a new blog post. So yeah comments and replying back is great for blog building.

  27. @ raincoaster and pornstarbabylon:

    I decided to take up your advice on installing the recent comments widget. Right now it looks a bit weird because it shows that I did the last five comments. But over time, I see its value in building community.

    pornstarbabylon, I absolutely love the recent posts and top posts widgets. I've immediately seen a bunch of views from my older posts because of that.

    one other thing I'm experimenting on is found on my "about me" page, where I've placed a "suggestion box" asking readers to e-mail me suggestions or request for future postings. We'll see if that pans out. But with that page being viewed as often as my most popular articles, it seems like a no-brainer to do.

    Thank you both for helping a newbie like me

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