Galleries in new editor: frustrations

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    I don’t know if the people designing the new editor will see this, but before it is made mandatory for everyone (if it goes that route), I wanted to give some feedback.

    WHen I was putting together a gallery, I was frustrated. Maybe there are ways to do the following, but they are not intuitive.

    1. You can’t choose different gallery styles – which is annoying. THe classic editor gives a few options – which was important. The new editor is very cool for editing the order of images – but quite limiting in terms of gallery styles available. No choice at all – other than number of columns, as far as I can see.

    2. When a gallery post is live, and you click a gallery image, you don’t see the caption. You also can’t scroll through the gallery in full pic view. You have to close and click on each image individually.

    Is anyone else finding these issues?

    The blog I need help with is



    Thanks for sharing those issues, @dreamlife. Our developers are working to iron out any problems folks run into.

    I know for gallery blocks, gallery styles are in the works.

    I’m noting the issue about the missing Carousel feature as well.

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