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    this is my blog im starting with wordpress imbalance template.

    Theres quite a few things i dont understand; Ive been on youtube all day and on wordpress to try to fix them! wordpress needs easy to follow videos onsite i think.

    what is the galleries tool in the dashboard for? Ive uploaded my photos here but when you go to page>upload image> galleries and select the one you want (next to filter button?) and select save changes, nothing happens, the gallery wont load. subsequently i have to download them all again and they then come up in: post gallery (number uploaded). which is fine, but whats the point/how to use the galleries tool situated between media and links tools?

    Id also like my gallery to just display when clicked on a lightbox format, rather than it opening a new page and giving a box for comments. I only want the photo when clicked to open bigger.

    Secondly on imbalance, my pictures are being displayed (even when aligned none or left) on the right because of the template setup. How do i change this so my galleries are central thumbnails?

    Thirdly, my static front page is showing my blog entries of which ive only got two at the moment. I dont want them showing like they are. I want th

    And my widgets (I have at least 3 ive dragged over and saved) are not showing on my pages on this template?

    how do i customise and remove the archive and categories pages which are not listed in pages and were part of the template? I like that I have a drop down box for categories but Id like to have this attached to my main page, rather than on the menu? Id also like to remove the search bar that also doesnt show on pages as it was part of the template, and get my widget search bar to show instead.

    Id really like my static page (where posts are put) to display my posts one after the other and in a larger format to read. at the moment the template puts them in small boxes, and you have to click on them to read them – i dont even know what page they are on when clicked on, but i want them all clearly displayed on one page you scroll down. I really am aiming to follow this setup:

    Thankyou for any suggestions!!



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