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galleries pictures messed up and captions not in sync

  1. gualtierigeology

    For some reason my gallery pictures are all dark, not in sync with the captions and basically messed up. I have done nothing differently with the galleries. Ones that were fine in the summer are not looking good now. What is different and how do I make the pictures look presentable like the used to be? The full size pictures are much darker than the thumbnails and when viewing the images in a slideshow they are on top of each other. Can anyone help before I switch to a different host?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Looking at this Gallery's Image Carousel in Chrome 22, IE9 and FF15, everything looks completely fine to me.

    Try seeing if any of my suggestions here don't help you.

  3. thegeekanthropologist

    Hi! I'm also having trouble with the image gallery. For some reason it displays a navigation bar under each photo and that makes it impossible to read the caption. It looks awefull. Is it just showing like that to me or can you see it to?

    When I check it on my ipad it's ok, it's on my pc that it looks messed up. (I use google chrome)


  4. Please post a direct link to a post where you are having this problem, starting with http:// to make it clickable.

  5. Hi, I have the same problem: everything is ok on my Mac but when I check for images in a gallery on a PC with Internet Explorer, images are on top of each other and all dull.
    I have checked also in the WP website described in
    and saw the same problem is still present also in that web site.
    I tried to reduce the number of thumbnails in a row respecting the Theme's column size, I also reduced images below that size but nothing changed.

    You can try one of my galleries e.g.:

  6. thegeekanthropologist

    Hi again! This is still a problem on my blog! Still ok on my ipad, but on Explorer and Google Chrome I see slidebars on each photo.

    Is there a way to fix this?

  7. Hi I have the same problem on my blog the pictures are out of sync and are dark. I moved to wordpress from my website but the gallery looks too unprofessional for me to carry on much longer. Every gallery I have created looks awful.

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