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  1. Hello I need you to look at my site, there is something wrong with the layout or grafic with the gallery/ pictures, there is white ¨lines¨in them and they ar gathering in groops...


    /Line westring
    Blog url:

  2. What I see is the new "tiled mosaic" Gallery, which looks like you've enabled it on your entire site in the Dashboard>Settings>Media. See here:

  3. Yes thats becaus I pushed that button becaus It looked so ugly before but now I changed it again so you can see :)

    /Line Westring

  4. I can see that you've used the Gallery post format as well as inserting images with a one-column, full width Gallery in your post here

    But something is definitely wrong on the front page. It's like the your theme Manifest isn't resizing your images to thumbnail images for the frontpage display as they should and that is causing the images to overlap one on top of the other or it isn't respecting the one-column full size image settings.

    I'm going to tag this for Staff assistance. Because it is the weekend, it may take a little while for someone to get back to you. Please be patient.

  5. Hi there, it looks like your image thumbnail width is currently set too large (600px) to display photos properly in gallery format:

    Could you please try reducing the thumbnail width?

    The main column is 500 wide, so setting your thumbnails to 240 pixels wide would allow two of them to show up side by side, with a small column of white space in between them. You could also try making the width even smaller to allow three thumbnails to show side by side, as in the example here:

    Let me know how it goes.

  6. p.s. you can set your thumbnail sizes under Settings > Media.

  7. @kathrynwp- thanks for looking behind the scenes and confirming that the media width settings were set to display a very large thumbnail.

    Since Manifest by default shows 3 columns of thumbnails (usually 150 pixels on the long edge) on the front page/homepage, shouldn't the theme defaults override the Media settings?

  8. but I don't understand, I have never changed anything and before it was one comumn, is it not possible to have it that way anymore?

    Thanks! /Line

  9. @linewestring the Manifest theme has a special front/home page display for posts using the Gallery post format. It will only display the images in the post (no text), in three-column, thumbnail size images display. Have a look at the demo site's front page under "Image Gallery Post".

    What kathrynwp is saying is that in your Dashboard's Media settings, it appears that you set the thumbnail size to be 600 pixels on the long side (either vertical or horizontal). The standard thumbnail size is 150 pixels on the long side. That explains why your Gallery images are overlapping on the front/home page. The thumbnail size is too big.

    Here are the standard image sizes:

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