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  1. Can I create an invisible gallery?
    I want to upload 33 illustrations from a book (mine) and have place where people who have bought the book can click something and have them appear. So I want this gallery to be invisible for everybody else than buyers of the book.

  2. Hi there - you could certainly add your gallery to a password-protected page, and then supply the password only to those you want to see it.

    You can learn how to set up a password-protected page by following our guide.

    Just let me know if you need further help.

  3. I need to add a screen print here - since in "media settings" I don't find any way to click which size I want on the images in the tiles. Any way I could send you this screen print?

  4. Sure, you can upload the screenshot in your Media Library so I can see it. Thanks.

  5. But where,Kathryn? i can not reply to your mail - andf there is no possibility t \here to attach a file, as far as I can see -

  6. Hi there - you can upload it to the Media Library of your site:

    I'll be able to see it there.

  7. Nonono! :) Yougave me alink to one of my blogs - but THIS is the correct address to my other blog - PHEW -

  8. Hi there, could you please upload the screenshot in a graphic format like JPEG, PNG, GIF or PDF? Thanks!

  9. Oh Kathryn
    I only know how to click "printscreen" and then copy it to word and save it...please teach me

  10. Got it - found the PDF-possibility, but none of the JPEG or PNG.

    here it is then:

  11. I can open your PDF, thank you.

    Please let me know what you need help with. If you click an image you should be provided with some options to choose from. What is your goal? Thanks!

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