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    Evening guys, bit of a strange one that I can’t quite work out. If I have no widgets active, and have my gallery page set to ‘Full Width Page’, my gallery is absolutely dead centre with equal white space either side of it. However, with widgets active and ‘Full Width Page’, the gallery appears to fall to the left, as though its accounting for a blank sidebar. Is this the case?

    Even if I align the gallery to ‘center’ it doesn’t make a difference. It’s not very aesthetically pleasing

    Gallery Not Aligned Properly

    The blog I need help with is



    I think it has more to do with the size of your gallery tiled squares and the width of the content space available. The images are 179px x 179px. If you want to make your thumbnails smaller, you can do so at Dashboard>Settings>Media Settings but this will change it globally for every thumbnail on your site.

    Otherwise, how are you doing the “even if I align the gallery to ‘center'”? Do you have it wrapped in a DIV? Have a look here at a post by JustPI, another forum volunteer

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