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    I’m always considering ditching my site and just using WP. But feels like the image gallery options are very limited. Right now on my personal site I use a PictoBrowser, which is an embedded HTML/ Java thingie. I don’t love that either but I also have an IPhone friendly kinda option with your standard nice gallery. Not even sure I can embed HTML with WP.
    Am I really limited to only these few gallery style I see here? It’s a big limitation and I don’t want to reload the page for every image. OK lemma know, thanks!!
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    The blog I need help with is



    You are correct they are limited and there are other limitations too. I suggest thay you hire a web host and set up a install.



    Hi Timethief,
    Thank you so much for the feedback!…are they much more robust on the installed version? Actually know code a bit, just was taking way too much time working on the site is why I went for the WYSIWYG. So I wasn’t looking to learn new software, but if it’s worth the pay off and as almost easy as WP I’d be in.

    Thank you again, it’s greatly appreciated.



    Hi TT,
    OH i see I can add the code to WP but I’d really like even a better option than my current. Is there any where that has a list of features available on the download vers?
    I’m paying for hosting now, etc so really not sure I see the benefit yet of moving to WP self hosted…
    Gracias, Danke shoen, toda!

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