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    I’ve created a blog/website with some picture galleries (on the pages called illustration, and sciencey). I’ve set these up so the images should link to attachment pages. However, when an image is clicked, the attachment page appears, but there is no image visible on it. It seems like the images might somehow have been resized to 1 pixel width.

    I’m using Twenty Eleven them with a custom upgrade, so maybe I’ve accidentally busted something using CSS, but I’m not sure what. Any ideas?

    The blog I need help with is



    I’m seeing your images, but the attachment page is seriously out of whack, the area where the image appears is pushed over to the right rather than being within the content area.

    Unfortunately I am not one of the few forum volunteers and staff who can help you. I’ll mark this thread so it gets their attention.


    Thanks for having a look! I seem to have fixed it now though, by doing this:

    .image-attachment div.attachment {

    Easy! Though it still seems odd that the images aren’t automatically displayed at the correct size in the attachment page…

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