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Gallery caption color

  1. mycreativeresolution2014

    In the yoko theme, how can I change the caption color? I've tried a few things in the css editor, but nothing seems to work

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Try this:

    #content .gallery-caption{
         color: <your color>;

    Just replace "<your color>" with a color word (like blue) or the hex code of the color you want.

    Let me know if you have any trouble!

  3. mycreativeresolution2014

    I put this in the CSS revisions (CSS Stylesheet Editor):

    #content .gallery-caption {
    color: 851e0e;

    It didn't change anything. Am I in the wrong spot? Or do I need other coding around it?

  4. try adding a "#" to the front of the color number. That should take care of it. :)

    The full block of code would look like this:

    #content .gallery-caption{
         color: #851e0e;
  5. mycreativeresolution2014

    Didn't work - but I noticed if my gallery was thumbnails it does change it. I should have been clearer from the start, my gallery is a slideshow. Sorry about that - I appreciate your help!! :)

  6. Could you send me a link to the gallery in question? That will help a lot!

  7. Actually, I don't think I need it. Try this:

        color: #851e0e !important;
  8. mycreativeresolution2014

    Yippee! thank you, thank you, thank you

  9. My pleasure. Thanks for sticking with me through the process.

  10. mycreativeresolution2014

    No problem, thank you! By the way, how do you figure out what part of the css needs to change. I tried viewing the source code on the page, but couldn't even find where it was. Maybe it's not the page code but the style sheet. How can I view the style sheet for the Yoko theme?

  11. Happy to help! The place you need to go is "inspect element" rather than view source code.

    Here's a useful article on how that works:

    Good luck! Let me know if you have any more questions.

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