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gallery carousel not displaying correctly

  1. Hi

    Gallery carousel is not displaying correctly on Windows in IE or Firefox. It work as it it should in Chrome. In IE & Firefox all the images are piled up on top of each other on the LHS and are greyed out as if in the background. Students have been working on various sites for months and this was not and issue before about 6 weeks ago.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. rapidcityrecess

    Do you have the latest versions of the browsers? I thought I had updated my firefox, and was having the same issue. Turns out I was using a very outdated version. I updated a couple days ago and now everything looks as it should.

  3. Yes the firefox version was an old one but IE is 8 (not very old)

    The strange thing is that students have been working on their sites for months and they didn't use to have rendering problems. It seems to render differently when they are logged in and logged out as well.

  4. In Firefox 16.0.1 (latest update) I am not having any problem viewing the images in the Gallery Image Carousel.

    In IE 8, which is slowly being dropped even by MS, I am having trouble with Carousel images as you describe. At the moment, I cannot check with IE9.

    Point your students to to update/upgrade their browsers.

  5. and that link should be

  6. unfortunately we can't update the browsers in the classroom.

    I am more worried about the people who will be viewing their sites. I've read that IE 8 users are still around the 10 - 20%.

  7. You may want to consult with your IT folks what your options are.

    IE10 should be shipping with Win8 later this month and an IE10 release for Win7 is supposed to come out in mid-November, at which point MS is expected to drop support for IE8.

    Google is also planning to drop support for IE8 in mid-November.

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