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    Hi, i’m helping a friend set up a new blog, she’s an artist. lots of pictures to display.
    the site
    sort of the blond leading the blond, i’m new at this.

    first i tried simply making separate posts uploading photos one by one, but it isn’t working well
    after I got three on they just started cramming together at the bottom of the page…
    and couldn’t label them via text with names, sizes and medium description

    seems a simple issue, i’ve been hunting around
    i went to the ‘not the officialhelp” pages on gallery, but do not understand the terminology.
    helpful direction please….


    I’ve been hunting around, not looking for you guys to provide a text, but to direct me to the best
    place to learn. saw “how to control a gallery” q & a Sept. 22nd, but doesn’t help. thanks.



    I’m not sure what’s giving you the error where three posts are jamming together. Do you mean the three photos went side by side? If you hit Enter between each photo, it won’t do that.



    That blog is using the Monotone theme. Only one photo/image per page is displayed.



    By the way-if the “not official Gallery FAQ” isn’t clear for you, please feel free to leave me a comment there or use the contact form.


    @justjennifer: re. Monotone, the one image per page restriction applies to normally uploaded images only, NOT to galleries. You can even have one separate image AND a gallery.



    @panaghiotisadam-if so, that’s a huge departure from what has been said all along about Monotone using only the first uploaded image in a Post. And definitely good to know, thanks!


    Found it out accidentally, when I switched to Monotone to check something else. Here’s a sample:



    Nice I currently using the Monotone theme for my foto blog
    I have to see how the gallery corresponds with my photos.

    Thanks panaghiotisadam, :)


    Hey there, thanks for your responses. I appreciate you guys. Have a great day and weekend.

    I will continue to explore how to make and manage a gallery theme,
    but for the time being moved her to Ambiru; so her posts show up on home page,
    and I’ll show her monotone as well.

    She wants minimalism….

    After I’ve done some more looking around, I’m sure I’ll be back with more ???. thanks Again.


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