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Gallery formatting

  1. The page that I need help with is this
    For some reason the first 2 images in the gallery the gallery that I have inserted into my page are a different size than all the other ones and I can't seem to figure out why. The code for my gallery that I have set is

    [gallery size="thumbnail" type="square" link="file" columns="4"]
    and the images have the same settings as all the other ones but they are being displayed 50% larger.

    Additionally, is there a way to change the size of the thumbnails in the gallery? I have my normal thumbnail sizes set to 75x75 through the media settings but that is clearly not happening in my galleries.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. The "type" parameter seems to ignore both the "size" and "columns" parameters.

    Try this instead:
    [gallery type="square"]

    Also, since you've enabled the Image Carousel on your site, the "link" parameter is ignored. Any clicked image will open in the Image Carousel. If you want to turn the Image Carousel off, go to Settings>Media Settings>Image Gallery Carousel and uncheck the box next to "Display images in full-size carousel slideshow." Once you've done that then you can use the "link" parameter in the Gallery shortcode.

  3. The link and columns were already there when I inserted the gallery so I just left them there and added other settings. As I do want the carousel and the columns are fine they're not really necessary so I've now cleaned up the code to just be
    [gallery type="square"]
    Unfortunately my first two images are still abnormally bigger.
    It seems to be an issue with the gallery itself and not the images as if I put them in a different order, the first two images will be abnormally sized and I don't know what that is. This is not the case on the galleries on my other pages and has not happened until now when I added in additionally images to this particular gallery.

  4. Is there any chance that you've enabled the tiled mosaic as the default display for Galleries under Dashboard>Settings>Media settings> Image Gallery Carousel>Display all your gallery pictures in a cool mosaic?

  5. Nope, the mosaic isn't turned on.

  6. The first three images in the Gallery are PNGs with transparency, yes?

    I'm going to mark this for Staff assistance.

  7. Yes they are. That shouldn't be the issue though as I have a 3rd image, the plant, that is also a transparent png. If I reorder my images so that one of the other images is first they will also be bigger.
    All the images on this one page are pngs though so I wonder if it may just be something with the gallery and png files?

  8. Which is why I've tagged it for staff assistance. :)

    If you want to test the PNG theory yourself, you could try a test post but by first saving and uploading those files as PNGs without transparency or JPGs.

  9. Hi there - thanks for your patience. The "type=square" code was effectively turning your gallery into a mosaic-type tiled gallery, since that piece of code only applies to the tiled galleries.

    I removed that bit of code and your thumbnails are now displayed at 75px wide, and are all equally sized.

    Just let me know if you need further help.

  10. @kathrynwp- Removing the type parameter from the shortcode returns the Gallery to the original thumbnail grid. If you look at the OP's other Portfolio pages (like ) that doesn't appear to be what they are looking to do.

  11. Adding "type=square" forces the gallery to transform into a mosaic grid, which auto-calculates the image width based on a complex algorithm, bypassing the thumbnail width set under Media Settings.

  12. This works I suppose, thank you. It is weird that it doesn't happen on my other pages though. The reason why I do want the squares though is for when I have images of varying sizes. The squares gives nice cropped thumbnails whereas without it my thumbnails will be varying sizes and I ran into an issue where I had a painting that is extremely high and ruins formatting of a page.

  13. With the regular (non-mosaic) gallery type, thumbnails should normally be the size specified in your settings page, i.e. 75px. If you're seeing something different, would you mind giving me a link to the page so I can take a look? Thanks very much.

  14. Ah, I think I understand what you mean - i.e. the height is variable, even when the width isn't.

  15. Yes. The horizontal format isn't too bad on the last 2 images on that one page but previously I had an image that was extremely long vertically and thus created a huge gap for the other images between rows.

  16. @kathrynwp I'm sorry to ask you this, but I'm also having trouble with galleries, the carousel view to be precise. It seems to be working fine on Firefox and IE, but on Chrome the images get blurry. Could you please have a look at ?

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