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    I cant seem to figure out how to add a gallery in a page from my media library. I have uploaded 116 pictures, and the only way I can seem to add a gallery with all of them is to seperatly add the picture into the page and deleting it. Only then it will show up on the gallery tap in “insert media”. Do I really have to do this 116 times or is there a smarter way?

    Btw, I am not using since I have to do this at internet cafes.

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    This should help:

    The easiest way to do a Gallery is to make it by uploading the pictures into the Gallery directly –

    look down the page to the Gallery Shortcode. You need to pick each individual picture by number and add it to the Gallery.

    There was another question or two recently about Galleries in the Forum and the same problem you are having.


    Galleries are typically created off of images that have been uploaded from within a post in the post editor. That “attaches” them to the post.

    If you uploaded the images separately via media > add new in the dashboard then what you have to do is go to the media library, hover your mouse over the image title and look down at the bottom of the browser window in the status bar and get the image ID, which will be the number after id= . Then you hand write the gallery code with the “include” attribute and put those ID #s in separated by commas such as the below.

    [gallery include="921,789,668"]



    If you uploaded your images directly to the Media Library and not from within a Post or Page, there is a good chance those images are unattached. You’ll see this is in the Media Library.

    If this is the case, follow these instructions to attach those images to the Post or Page where you want them to appear. After attaching them, you’ll then be able to use the Image Uploader to insert your Gallery.

    Unfortunately, though, there’s no “bulk” action to attach several images at once.



    Thanks alot, that does make it a whole lot easier.

    I figured out a way to make it an actual “bulk” action with the attach function you told me off.

    Go to the media page, click on the screen options at the top and make it show all of your photos. Then click on the bulk selection that selects all your files and click on the attach to. If you have a page that works as a gallery you can attach them all to that and that made it a lot easier!



    I stand corrected and happily so! Yay!

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