Gallery image size and alignment problem

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    I’ve set up a folio page on my site using the “square” type gallery. It looked fine for a day, but when I checked again, the images were no longer appearing in a consistent grid-like size and form – out of alignment, different sized rectangles/squares and white spaces – and not in a ‘cool mosaic’ way. I recreated the page and and it appears fine on my mac, but when I checked on another computer (pc using internet explorer) the irregularity re-appeared. How do I remove this problem and obtain consistency across web browsers/platforms? Any help much appreciated.

    The blog I need help with is




    I just checked your portfolio in Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera and IE. Everything works perfectly well. I see square type gallery.

    As for the code modifications you ask about, you can’t modify it if you use free wordpress account.


    Hi Goblincrazy,
    Many thanks for checking the site via the other browsers. It must have been some sort of glitch on the pc I was viewing.


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    In these forums, there have been problems with IE when it is set to “compatibility” mode. Was the pc you used with IE configured that way?

    Another thing to check is whether you are having a browser issue:


    Hi 1tess,
    Originally, the pc wasn’t configured in compatibility mode, which was worse – no images, just coloured stripes. When placed in compatibility mode, the images appeared in the way originally described. It looks ok now on my safari browser. I checked again & the problem seems to be with previous versions of IE. My concern is for those who have IE who’ll see a disorganised set of images or the stripes – worrying if I’m trying to convince people to hire my services. Is there any way I can fix this?

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