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Gallery images grainy and low quality. How to fix?

  1. This was an issue earlier in 2016 but it seemed to get fixed. The issue has returned and has a really negative impact on the images I want to put into my site's galleries. How do I fix this?

    I use the older wp editing format (not calypso) and up load the images in the traditional fashion. I do alter the size of the file before loading them but I do not think this is an issue, since the images look good when enlarged individually on wp.

    Here is the latest example of the problem:

    Thanks for the help!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hello @bubbasuess,

    What device and browser are you using?

    I am looking at your page from Chrome on Mac, and the photo looks good and crisp to me. Below are the screenshots:


  3. Hi Rose. Thanks for getting back to me!

    I am primarily using a Windows 10 pc. I have opened the images on Opera and Chrome. I have also opened them on a separate pc using Chrome.

    The issue is not in the normal image display but when I open a gallery and scroll through the image carousel. On both my computer and on the other pc, the images are very low resolution.

    Try these:

    Thanks again! I really appreciate the help!

  4. Thank you. This is how they look from my end:

    They seem to look just how they are in the thumbnails. I'm sorry, but honestly, I couldn't see any problem on the images. If you can send me a link of a photo to compare the quality with, I might see it clearer.


  5. Hey @bubbasuess,

    It also looks good from my end. If you suspect your image resolution depletes after uploading. You can try reading our article about Image Optimization and try out the suggested options.

    If you have anymore questions please feel free to ask.


  6. Thanks for checking this out.

    I do not believe the issue is in the upload. It is when they appear in the gallery carousel. Looking at each image in their url, they look fine. It is only when the images are in the gallery carousel that they are appear very pixelated.

    Have you looked at them via carousel? That is where the problem is at!


  7. Hello @bubbasuess,

    The last screenshots I sent you were from your carousel. I don't know if my retina display affects it. I guess it would be better if you can send me a photo of how it should look, so we have something to compare the quality with.


  8. Hey @bubbasuess,

    I've took a look at the images using the carousel. At, first glance it seems to be the same however carefully inspecting upon it. You are correct there seems to be some pixelation going on. However, this is a bug within Jetpacks carousel code and how it optimizes the images. So, there is no option where you can modify it from the dashboard.

    The reason why the pixelation occurs is because the size of the images. Yours are pretty huge and thus Jetpack tries to optimize them as best as it can. You can try making the pictures smaller and then uploading them and displaying them on the carousel and see if that helps.

    There are others who have happened to run across the same issue. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do from our end. So, I hope this gives you much more information and maybe a solution!


  9. @bubbasuess are only some images affected? The ones I've looked at in the carousel look good. They are compressed a little but not like that.

    Also, if you right-click in the carousel and open the image itself in a new tab, is it bad there as well?

  10. Thanks for taking a second look at all of this!

    It does seem that only some of the images suffer from this issue. On the post I linked to, the fall foliage gallery does not seem to be effected while the one of the sunset is badly pixelated.

    I am going to try to shrink them down again and see if that helps.

  11. I just halved the size of the 6 sunset videos and then looked at them in the carousel. They still looked really pixelated. Should I try it even smaller?

  12. Are the original photos processed differently, like with different color profiles or different apps? I seem to recall our compressor doesn't like some color profiles.

  13. I ran them through photoshop to add my little watermark to them.

  14. Hey, sorry for the slow response. I was out for a few days.

    Are you only running the affected photos through photoshop? Are you running them through an action? Are there any steps in that action that adjust the color profile?

  15. No worries. The fires in Santa Rosa have had my full attention anyway. I typically run them through photoshop to add my watermark and then I shrink them down using another program.

    I will note that I do this for all my images but sometimes the galleries look fine and sometimes they do not. There is not a pattern as far as I can tell.

  16. @bubbasuess sorry, I hope you're not in the middle of those fires.

    When you have time, check the color profiles on those images that turned out blurry vs those that are fine. I am remembering something about our compression tools struggling with some color settings.

  17. Thank you for your concern. I'm not in the fires, but my parents lost their house. I have been making preps for them to move up here to Mount Shasta though.

    Is there a particular piece of information regarding color profiles or just generally the general color scheme of the image?

    All the troubled ones tend to be darker images (particularly, evening, low light) while the ones that are bright (daytime) seem to be fine.

  18. I'm having a hard time finding the info on it so it may be out of date. But if we can confirm whether the affected images have different color profiles (or just determine what's different about them) we can go from there. I can say, though, it's not about the color of the image. It's the settings used when processing it.

    Sorry for your parents :( My friend lost their home, too :(

  19. Is there anything I can do to help determine what settings? The thing is, everything is the same (I do not alter my methods) between the affected images and ones that appear in better detail.

  20. I think it's just a setting when you're modifying the files or saving them. If you're not changing it, it's not that.

    I did try comparing some of your original files, though. You can get those by right-clicking an image in the carousel, opening in a new tab, then removing any numbers and what not after the .jpg. The originals that look bad have a much smaller file size. This original, for example, is 117 kB. This original is 1758 kB. I noticed as well that the resolutions vary.

    Also I will reiterate they look fine here. I'm on a 13" retina display. If you're using a large monitor and stretching out a somewhat smaller image, it could look bad. What are you using?

  21. I am using a huge sony tv as a monitor, so the image is pretty large. Nonetheless, most of the time, I do not have issues with images in the carousel.

    Regarding the differential in image size, the larger file you linked to is the normal size I shrink them to. When the sunset pictures were having issues, I tried halving the dimensions to see if that had an effect, which it obviously did not. I can reconstruct the original gallery, since the larger versions are still in the media library.

    All that to say, the different file sizes is not part of the problem, I would guess. I caused that myself.

  22. Are only sunset images affected, typically? Can you set up the galleries so that all factors are the same (compression, size, etc.) and then link to the ones that look bad for you vs the ones that look good?

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