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    I just imported my blog and got it all set up using galleries. I’m looking at my RSS feed now, and it does not look very nice. The gallery images are only posted as thumbnails in the feed, but they do not maintain their square shape. (eg if it’s a portrait instead of a landscape, the image is tall and keeps them from being lined up). Is there a way for the gallery images to be posted full size in the feed? What can I do about this so my feed doesn’t look so bad.

    Also, if you click on a thumbnail in the feed, it doesn’t take you to the carousel, it takes you to the attachment page for the image.

    The blog I need help with is



    We do not have control over what you refer to. We also don’t not have control over which feedreaders followers use or which email clients they use and not all display images and/or videos.


    I was under the impression that WordPress produces the feed. I’ve tried looking at in in various different feedreaders, and none of them look good. So, there is no way to change it?



    All of the links to the individual images in any post are in the RSS Feed as you can see here > No we cannot chnage the display in the feed.

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