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    I may be missing something since I am new to this but I tied adding an image gallery, I put about 8 images on a gallery page and it looked great. However when I click on one of the images it open at attachment page, that’s fine, but the text and image are butted right up against the brwoser edge and it looks bad, added to this if I click on the image on the attachment page it goes to another page with just the image on it.

    What am I doing wrong and how can I stop this?

    Is there any way to stop the gallery images opening an attachment page at all. I would be quite happy just to have them appear in columns if I could make them a little bigger.

    The blog I need help with is


    Please paste the exact URL of your blog when asking questions here – or link your nickname to your blog as explained in the Sticky 8 Things to Know. We usually need that to give a relevant answer.

    You did nothing wrong: that’s one of the options of the gallery feature (which is less than perfect). If you don’t want the attachment page, you can select the “Image File” option before inserting the gallery. You can also edit your existing gallery to change that: visual post editor > click on gallery image > click edit button (mountain icon) > select “Image File” > click “Update gallery settings).

    But if you want full control over the way your images are displayed, you’d better upload them as independent images, not as a gallery.

    For the best info on galleries see here (needs some updating though):


    When a person clicks on an image in gallery it opens up bigger, but in order to see the next one in the gallery, you have to go back to the thumbnails gallery page. Is there anyway to create a “next” and “previous” to navigate between enlarged pictures?


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    Helpful, but oh so tedious (as Tess had already remarked)…

    A simple alternative might be switching to another theme: some themes do give previous & next tabs in gallery pages.



    Hi everyone! I am new to wordpress blog.


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    If you have a question about galleries on, then please give us a link to your site with details about your question.

    If you want to promote your blog, you should realize that this is a support forum for technical questions. A better place to chat, promote, etc is in the off topic forum. This would be a beginning place to go:



    It looks like maybe after the update we’re going to have navigation between the images on attachment pages. Color me excited.

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