Gallery in Imagine Uploader does not load

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    Hi there,

    I’ve been trying to add a gallery to one of my posts for a couple of days now, however once I upload the photos, it does take me to the “Gallery” section, however nothing loads, therefore I cannot number them accordingly and actually insert the Gallery into my post. I’m using a Mac and I’ve tried two different browsers – Safari and Firefox – both giving me the same problem. I’ve cleared history and cache, so it can’t be a problem with that. I’ve used the Image uploader to upload galleries before and it worked just fine – what can be wrong this time?

    Thank you,

    The blog I need help with is


    From memory you should see a button that says “Insert Gallery into Post” or something like that.

    However, you can also do it this way…..

    1. Edit Post
    2. Switch to HTML mode (as opposed to Visual)
    3. Insert the shortcode [gallery]
    4. Update Post


    Thanks for your response. I know, there is usually a button saying “Insert Gallery into Post” however that’s the problem – nothing shows up on the “Gallery” page. No button and no pictures. So, the button and the pictures don’t load when I’m taken to the Gallery page after uploading the pictures – I’m not sure if that’s clear enough.

    Thanks for the suggestion, for now I will do it that way… but I usually upload quite a few pictures and it’s very convenient to use the uploader – much faster and easier for me.



    I have exactly the same problem on my blog.

    Any news on it?



    We cannot help you without a link to your blog, starting with http.


    @perpetualtravel The gallery tab should appear if the post has been saved or auto-saved before you add the images.

    Is this problem happening for you on established posts or only for brand new posts that you are creating?

    Also, if you try uploading the images, then save or update the post, then click the Add Image icon again–does the gallery tab appear after that?



    Hey, that really worked! I had the same problem, but then I did this: I started writing a post, saved a draft and after that, the gallery-link just appeared. Great :)

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