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Gallery in Modularity Lite and Internet Explorer 7 (and 8?)

  1. Hi folks,

    Discovered another allergic reaction to IE in Modularity Lite, I think.

    When I create a gallery, I chose 4 miniatures on a row as that fills in the space nicely and in my Firefox that works fine. It was only yesterday, wanting to show something to a friend on a different computer with IE7 that I saw my gallery dissolved in a chaos of 3 pictures on a row and the 4th somewhere between the rows though to my eye there is definitely enough space for a 4 miniature row. So today, on my own computer I had another look, thinking something had just gone a bit haywire. But to my surprise everything looked ok in my Firefox. Based on a previous experience I tried it in Internet Explorer 7 and promptly got yesterday's chaos back.

    The example on my blog is 'The Diver - De Duiker' on the side bar under New/Nieuw.

    In the meantime I have asked another friend to try it with IE8 and am waiting for a reply.

    Could someone from your side have a look at it too, please?

    Thanks and greetings

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Additional info:

    It seems everything looks ok in IE8 as well - so the problem seems to be with IE7 this time.

    As I think that quite some people do still have IE7, maybe it is still worth looking into?

    But that is up to you folks, of course...


  3. We are volunteers, your fellow bloggers, who answer most of the questions in these forums. Different browsers will display things differently, that is a given.

    I don't know, but perhaps just making your thumbnails smaller will help? Settings —> Media

    If you want to contact staff:

  4. Hi 1tess,

    Thanks for your reply but it does not seem very logical to me that for a different browser I should change the size of the miniatures when it works fine on others.

    I will check with support then.


  5. Yes, each browser renders the code its own way. Different screen resolutions cause even more differences.

    The web is not the same as print media where you can specify the format and that is what you get.

    I'm not sure setting a smaller thumbnail size will help: just an idea. The gallery feature has its own quirks.

    Let us know what support says.

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