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    A friend and I are running similar blogs and using them to showcase some of our art work, he is are using the theme twenty eleven, I am using Nishita other than that, from all appearances we are going through the same steps to create our galleries. But to VERY different results. On his, is is able to create a cropped thumbnail of his art, when clicked on, a single image opens that has his description of the piece. On mine, the thumbnail is the entire piece, and when any image is clicked you get a carousel style gallery of all the images with no comments. Even when I changed my theme to twenty eleven, I got the same results. The only difference I have seen is on his version of the theme, under settings>media, he has the option to set a minimum size and a check box to crop the thumbnail, that check box is not appearing on mine (however the copy supporting the box is), and I cannot seem to find any choice concerning the style of gallery nor the option to show my comments about the image???
    Can anyone point me in the right direction??

    The blog I need help with is

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