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Gallery issue

  1. tealoveandcare

    why is the gallery not working? The pictures are hazy, off center, and not in order.


    Blog url:

  2. Exactly which post or page are you referring to? Post an active link starting with http:// to it please.

  3. tealoveandcare

    Yeah, here is a link to my most recent post,

    and here is a link to the first picture of the gallery

    Thanks in advance,


  4. Here's the information on the size of that image:
    269.95 KB (276,424 bytes)
    700px × 525px (scaled to 543px × 408px)

    Troubleshooting images tips here >

    Prior to uploading any image into your blog, regardless if it’s a header image, a featured image, an image in a post or page, in a Post format (Gallery or Image), an image for sidebar display in an image widget or a text widget, you can optimize and re-size it in either a desktop image editing software or online image editing software to fit the space you intend to use it in. By undertaking proper image preparation first you will get the best image quality, won't be wasting your media storage space, and won't be wasting your time troubleshooting.

  5. tealoveandcare

    Okay, thanks timethief, I will look into optimizing my pictures.

    Although, I should say it's strange that this is happening now as I've never faced this problem before when uploading similar-sized pictures in wordpress galleries, and galleries in my previous blog entries that had no issues in the past, now have this same problem. Possibly it has something to do with my current location and connection while traveling. Any thoughts?

  6. catholicreligionteacher

    My galleries just went bonkers today as well. Instead of small pictures that can be clicked and made bigger they are all scrunched together with some big and some not. When did this change, why wasn't I notified, and when is WordPress going to get this fixed?



  7. mikeosbornphoto

    Yes, I'm having this problem too, Greg. An utter mess.


  8. mikeosbornphoto

    A mess which appears to have just righted itself :-)

  9. catholicreligionteacher


    T'was quite the scare for me for a bit.

    Thanks for the update, Mike! And great website! :)

  10. mikeosbornphoto

    Cheers Greg, much appreciated! Yes, glad all is well again - but have been sitting here longer than I meant to!

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