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Gallery - Lightbox 2

  1. What exactly does the WordPress.COM gallery do?
    - Showing some images. (and that's fine...)

    ...BUT I stumble upon some WordPress.ORG blogs who uses something called 'Lightbox'. This is really great. It takes the word 'gallery' to a complete other level. AMAZINGLY COOL :-)

    We (at should have something similar, don't we...?

  2. Agreed. Send a suggestion to support.

  3. I second that. I have lightbox other places, and it's easy-peasy brilliant.

  4. Suggestion to support has been send.

  5. I would also like to see this feature added to wordpress... :)

  6. Lightbox is a beautiful, beautiful thing.

  7. marjoleinsomers

    Yessss... We want Lightbox!!! :-)

  8. me too! hurry up!!

  9. Yes, that would be great...i'd like to have it ^^

  10. schooltwinning

    get it asap-:)

  11. another for lightbox. I'm migrating from my own installation to I will really miss lightbox.

  12. Please.

  13. I need something to display a gallery with full sized images after clicking the thumnail. The [ gallery ] script doesn't allow me to do that, so anything like Lightbox would be nice.

  14. I you all send a request to 'staff' that might help.

  15. anyone has a link to a nice lightbox sample on a blog?

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