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gallery link settings malfunction?

  1. I want my gallery images to link to nothing. When creating the gallery on my front page (my only one), one of the settings offered is "none", and indeed once the gallery is created with this selection, the shortcode does say [link= "none"]. But the images in my gallery are instead linking to their attachment pages, which is the default setting. The "none" selection does not seem to be recognized.
    So for now I have changed the link setting to "file" since that is less hideous, but still not what I want. I am using the Clean Home theme.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi there - Can you please edit the gallery and click on each image and choose none for this setting and update everything:

    Then please reply and let me take a look at what it's doing when none is specified?

  3. @eurello- I just created a post with two Galleries on my ademoblog. One shows the Square tiles and the other is the default thumbnail Gallery type. Both Galleries have "none" selected as the link option.

    On the Square tiles, the images still link to the Photo Carousel.

    On the default thumbnail Gallery, the thumbnails seem to link to "none" (no change in cursor from arrow to pointing finger indicating a link) until you click on them, which opens the Photo Carousel, but it's blank. There's no "carousel", just blank spaces. And it is not possible to close the carousel.

    Link to demo post (Private, visible to Staff only):

    Not entirely on topic, but it seems that we can no longer select the number of columns to display when selecting the default thumbnail Gallery?

    Chrome 31 on Win7Pro.

  4. Hi Jennifer - Thanks very much for trying that out! I see what you mean. You can disable the carousel in Settings->Media, but I tried that and your images still opened on their own page.

    Did you change something with the regular thumbnails? Those aren't clickable for me at all.

    Hmm, looks like the column option did go away, although you can still control that by using the shortcode:

    Looks like the screenshots on that doc need to be updated. ;)

    I'll do a bit more testing with the square tile/none issue and report it to the developers.

  5. You're welcome. Everything was entirely done according to the book. No slight of hand involved. :)

    When the blank Carousel appeared, at first I thought my browser was wonky, so I shut it down and did the cookie/cache dance. No change after opening and logging in again.

    Regardless, if you switched off the Carousel in my Media settings and were able to open the Attachment page for the default thumbnails, it means, obviously, there's still an active link there.

    So looks like this weekend will be another Gallery roller coaster ride!

  6. Also, I'm not sure I entirely understand why we've lost the ability to set the number of columns when using the default thumbnail Gallery. That option disappeared in the Media Manager/Gallery screen if one chose another type of Gallery so why entirely disable it?

  7. @justjennifer

    So looks like this weekend will be another Gallery roller coaster ride!

    I'll be sipping wine and eating turkey and lattkes at our feast. Please let me wish you both a Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Hanukka.

  8. Yep, I'm not sure when the columns option went, I'm asking about that too.

    @timethief - thanks very much, and you too!! :)

  9. @eurello-thanks for checking. Will keep an eye on this thread.

    @tt-thanks! Perfect time for sweet potato latkes. :)

  10. @eurello- just checking if there is anything new on this topic.

    I noted that the Gallery support doc was recently updated, but while columns are mentioned, they are still missing in the Media Handler/Explorer Gallery screen when selecting the Thumbnail Grid Gallery type.

    Also, still having the strange linking behavior when the Gallery link to option is set to "none".

  11. Hi there - The column option should be put back, but I don't have a timeline on when that will happen. In the meantime, you can work around it by going to Settings->Media and unchecking the option to display all your images in a cool mosaic.

    The link bug is still under review, as well, but I will keep you updated if there's news on either of these.

  12. Hm, bit strange...don't remember that I checked that box at any point. Possible you did so when you looked at the square and thumbnail galleries in my test post ? Something definitely changed because now I have some oddities in a different test post with a Gallery that wasn't displaying such before.

  13. Hi Jennifer - Hmm, I don't think so? I disabled and re-enabled your carousel. It's possible I checked it, I suppose. I can take a look at the test post weirdness if you want to link me there.

  14. @eurello - Hi again, seems the number of confused Gallery users is growing. :)

    Any news?

  15. Hi Jennifer - The blank carousel bug is fixed for regular galleries. Now, if the carousel is enabled in Settings->Media that will function properly, regardless of whether the individual image links are set to none or not; that's intentional. If a user doesn't want the carousel to open up, they should disable it in Settings->Media.

    The tiled gallery issue is still being worked on - if you link to none using the mosaic, circles, etc, images still open on an attachment page. We're looking into that.

  16. Let me see if I have this straight:

    So like the "link to" options for Attachment Pages and Media File, the link to None option will only work if the Image Carousel is turned off site-wide and currently will work only for the default Thumbnail Grid style of Gallery. Correct?

    There's something basic here that is bothering me. I probably won't articulate it very well at the moment since it is late here, so let me sleep on it.

    Thanks for keeping us updated.

  17. It's that site-wide part that is unworkable for users in the long run.

    The Image Carousel is currently the default behavior for Galleries and I believe was introduced to override the Attachment page navigation problems created when users inserted images in a Gallery that were previously uploaded and inserted in other posts. Attachment pages are post-dependent, the Carousel is not. Now you say we should turn off the Carousel site-wide if we want even one of our Galleries to link to "None".

    In my opinion, this is big step backwards for Gallery usability because unlike the tiled mosaics, which can be managed on a post to post basis, we do not have the possibility of invoking the Carousel on a Gallery to Gallery basis. It's all or nothing.

    So in order to use even one Gallery linked to "none" we also end up forcing users to link to Attachment pages or Media Files on their other Galleries. Again the navigation between Gallery images becomes unmanageable.

    What we really need in the Gallery "link to" options are None, Attachment Page, Media File, and Carousel.

    (Just a side note,

    ...regardless of whether the individual image links are set to none or not...
    So far it has been my experience that when using the Gallery feature, there is no possibility to link individual images in the Gallery screen of the Media Manager; the option doesn't exist and the settings in the Gallery screen override any individual image settings when inserting a Gallery.)

  18. Not sure if I was super clear in my last reply, so the way it is intended to work is, if the carousel is enabled, that applies to all of your galleries and overrides the link settings. It did previously too, but previously the gallery loaded blank as you saw, so that bug was fixed.

    If the carousel is not enabled, then your gallery links to setting is respected (except if you pick link to none for the mosaic options, which is still a bug).

    But I understand that you'd like there to be an option within the gallery itself to turn the carousel on or off on a gallery-by-gallery basis, rather than a site-wide option. I'll pass that feedback along to see if it's something they could do. :)

  19. It's more or less what I repeated here :)

    And understood, in any event. It just means that anyone who turns off the default Carousel to use the new "link to none" option and then creates a different Gallery from previously uploaded images linked to Attachment pages will be scratching their head why they can't navigate from image to image "normally." (And, of course, they can do so if they upload the images again to that post/Gallery instead of using previously uploaded images.)

    Thanks for passing along my feedback and have a happy holiday.

  20. Hi There,
    Having exactly the same problem here with the link to "none" in mosiac, tiled galleries. Any sign it will be "fixed"?
    I've disabled the carousel in media settings, as a last resort I'm linking to media file. Will you be introducing linkable images for galleries at any timesoon?
    All the best,

  21. Update! I've switched to a slideshow in the interim. A few options with slideshows would be nice too.

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