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    I love the Gallery feature – except for one problem – I would like to link the gallery image to an external URL in a new browser window. I do not wish it to link to the file in the media library and I do not wish it to use the carousel display (this I realise can be switched off).

    At the moment, the layout options of the Gallery and the way of doing it is far superior to struggling with table layouts and CSS.

    See for what I would like to be able to do with the Gallery feature. At the moment I am forced to do everything by hand and while it looks ok, the Gallery option would be much faster to do and look superior.



    The blog I need help with is



    Yes, that is the way that the Gallery is coded. However, you can add clickable links to external pages to either the image caption or in the description of the image.



    I tried that. Its a hokey workaround that does not really work when you want something visual like the gallery rectangular layout option.

    Strange that they did not just allow the option for an external link on the gallery – it seems like it would be an almost trivial addition to the feature as the gallery already links somewhere – all that would be needed is linking somewhere else…



    With the exception of the Circle type, which does not show any caption, if you are using the square or rectangle tiled mosaic, you can click on the Caption and be taken to another URL.

    Hokey or not, that’s what we have. Gallery thumbnails currently will only link to the Image Carousel, the original image or the image Attachment page, depending on your Media and Gallery settings.

    Perhaps things will change with a future version of the Gallery. I’ll ask to have this moved to the Ideas forum.

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