Gallery navigation links don't match image order!

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    I cannot get the gallery tool to generate links that work in the correct order. The symptom occurs on all my galleries, but is best displayed here:
    This gallery has only two images, but the generated links are wrong. For example, the first image has a “previous” link but no “next” link. The “previous” link takes me to an image that isn’t even in included in that gallery. Here is what I have tried so far:
    (1) Check that “random order” is not selected (it isn’t).
    (2) Clearing browser cache & reboot (no difference).
    (3) Switching full-page Carousel off/on (no difference).
    (4) Deleting and completely re-creating each gallery from library images (no difference).
    (5) Removing one of the “offending” images from the library and re-uploading so it gets a new internal ID. (doesn’t help).
    I am getting very frustrated, so any help or suggestions greatly appreciated!

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi Peter,

    After looking into your galleries, I found that the images you were using for Gallery 3 was attached to images in Gallery 1. Therefore, when you click on the image, it will automatically take you to Gallery 1.

    So, in order to change this, I downloaded the images you wanted specifically for Gallery 3. Then, I uploaded them to your Media Library and attached them to Gallery 3. Please go to your Media Library and you will see the new images I uploaded and attached to your Gallery 3 page. Then, I edited your Gallery 3 page, deleted the images that were already uploaded, and uploaded the new images (the ones attached to Gallery 3). I updated the post and it is now working properly as seen below:

    If you want the images to appear in a specific Gallery please make sure the images are not attached to another Gallery.

    Please let me know if you have any questions or need more clarification!

    Happy New Year!



    Or use the Image Carousel as default and it won’t matter where you’ve uploaded the images originally. All the images will be displayed within the Carousel, which circumvents the navigation problems that occur when linking to Attachment pages.

    Also, see my notes on this post



    Thank you both very much for the explanations! Can you believe I simply had not noticed the “Uploaded to” column in the Media Library, nor appreciated the significance of attachments! Thanks again for rapid response. Happy New Year!



    Hi Peter!

    No worries at all! :) Feel free to reach out if you have any questions!


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