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    I made my first gallery today and have a couple of questions:

    (1) Making the gallery took me several attempts so I ended up uploading duplicate images but can’t find a way to delete them from my media library, where they’re only taking up bandwidth. And last time I deleted images, they disappeared out of my posts too. But I don’t see any “delete” option anyway. So is there a way to clear out only the duplicate images out of the media library while leaving the gallery intact?

    2) I made all my images approx 2″x1.5″ and inserted them into my page as “large” b/c thumbnails seemed too small. But clicking on them doesn’t make them much larger and it adds clunky titles like “Cassis gridlock3”. Is there a way to make my images larger and the titles shorter?

    Putting my two cents into the earlier gallery post, I am also using Firefox 3 and XP, but no IE plug-in, and had no problems.



    To delete an image: post editor > click Add an Image, click Gallery (or Media Library), click Show, click Delete, click Save Changes.

    Clicking the images doesn’t make them larger probably because you didn’t click “File URL” when you uploaded them. You can correct that via the same route described above. This is a recent change in the uploader: go to Settings > Media and select “Default media links”: File, so that for future uploads the URL will show up by default.

    “Cassis gridlock3” etc. are the actual NAMES of the files (not the captions you have added). Once you delete the duplicates, you can change the names too (same route).


    PS: Very QC!



    Thanks, as usual, panaghiotisadam.




    (Almost)everything worked fine except that my images are still not enlarging, so two questions:

    (1) when I clicked “File URL” the box got a little dotted outline. Is that all that is supposed to happen? Yes, I did save all changes.

    (2) I “misspoke” in my OP. When I uploaded my images, the only choices not grayed out were “thumbnail” and “full size” so I chose full size, not “large,” as I originally posted. Is that causing any problem?



    Unless something’s changed with the WordPress.COM Gallery feature, and it certainly could have since yesterday, the default behavior of images uploaded and inserted using the Gallery feature is to open in an Attachment page. You do not have to do a thing for this to happen. And, looking at your Gallery, this is exactly what it is doing.

    Now, why you aren’t getting a link on the Attachment page to a larger image you may have already answered in that the images you are uploading are already very small. Try uploading a larger image and see what happens.



    Also, if you are using the Gallery feature to upload and insert your images into your Page or Post, use only the Gallery tab in the Image Uploader and you’ll avoid all the “exceptional” behavior you are describing.

    You don’t have to select size or link URL at all with Gallery. It’s all handled in the shortcode inserted into your Page or Post.

    Cheers! (past my bedtime)



    Whoops! the correct link to the Gallery page on your site is

    Extra comma got stuck on at the end. ‘night



    ‘night, JJ, and thanks. I will try uploading larger images.



    Works fine. Thank you all.


    @buyathread & justjennifer: I was wrong re. the file urls, BUT there is a problem. I uploaded a gallery with large images in my test blog and tried it with several themes. In most of them, when you click the image in the attachment page you get the actual image in full size. In Kubrick and Day Dream this won’t happen.

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