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Gallery not displaying properly

  1. OK, so I'm trying to use the gallery with nothing special in it. When I preview the post, it properly displays 3 thumbnails across. But when I publish it, only 2 columns show and some of the images are missing. Any ideas? TIA. (Oh, and I've done the cookie dance.)

  2. Well, as stupid as it may sound, you're displaying another gallery further down on the front page of your blog with only two columns and apparently the new gallery is taking its cue from that rather than being treated separately. I don't think settings from an earlier post should affect a new Post, but apparently it does.

    If you want to see what I mean, open the Post Bobby Scott's 2008 picnic and the three columns will align correctly.

  3. BTW-did you upload more than 12 photos to that new Gallery?

  4. Hmm - so I can't use the gallery feature more than once on the front page? Bummer. Guess I'll have to add those photos by hand. No, there aren't more than 12 - as a matter of fact, there are exactly 12 in that gallery. Is that a problem?

  5. No, but you mentioned originally that some images were missing; just wanted to make sure we were seeing the same thing.

    What concerns me is that your 2 Galleries are within completely separate Posts (and therefore should have separate ID numbers as well), so why is the newer Gallery picking up the CSS styling of the Gallery before it?

    Maybe try identifying the Gallery ID number in the shortcode to see if that straightens it out the front page. Look at the bottom of my non-official Gallery FAQ, which discusses Gallery ID:

  6. Yes, three of the 12 photos did not display.

    I'll take a look at it but in the meantime, I've gone ahead and put the pics in manually. I did try to use the columns thing to force the 3 column layout but that didn't work, either. (Funny that it inherited the 2 column layout but not the size - note that the pics in the other gallery post are medium.) I just don't have the time to figure it out right now.

    Thanks for your help.

  7. The Gallery feature has, well.... rough edges. Actually more like sharp edges. Razor blades.

  8. As far as my understanding of how Gallery works, what happened on Vivian's front page shouldn't have happened if Galleries are associated with specific posts.

    I'm going to go post a test gallery to see if ID'ing the Gallery smooths out some of those razor edges.

  9. I changed the reading settings on my photography blog so that a few posts would share the same page and I'm now getting the exact same behavior that vivian described in her first post in this thread. the Post named "Gallery" had three thumbnails across (default behavior), but the thumbnails are now showing 2 per row, reflecting the Gallery settings of the Post just below "Image Resize Test". Even adding the ID number to each Post's Gallery shortcode made no difference in display behavior.

    If a Gallery is Post/Page specific, it shouldn't matter if there are two or more Posts with Galleries included sharing the same page. This absolutely has to be a bug.

  10. Thanks for testing this, jennifer. I really appreciate it. I'm tagging this so that the mods will look at it.

  11. I've been able to reproduce this on as well as with core WordPress. I've filed a bug over at core.

  12. Thanks Nick!

    There's another reported bug in the Day Dream and Kubrik themes that the attachment page doesn't produce a link to the original image file. see panaghiotisadam's reply to @danandp:

  13. Didn't think ahead enough to remember that adding new posts would change the page number (doh!), so the new link to see the bug at work is

    Following up Nick's support ticket, according to the timeline this bug has been assigned to be addressed towards the WP.ORG v2.7 release. Am hoping that here on COM, we'll see it sooner. (fingers crossed)

    Hopefully the Attachment page problem in Kubrick and Day Dream themes will be addressed shortly, yes? (see link in my above post)

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