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    Hello guys,

    I’ve 2 problems using the Gallery :

    1) I would like the gallery images to be sorted using their filenames. It’s because I often have lots of pics on a post, and it takes a lot too much time to drag and drop each image by id ;-) I’ve tried using [gallery orderby ="ID DESC"] and [gallery orderby ="ID DESC"] as explained in the FAQ, but it does not work fine. The gallery result is the same whatever the solution I try, with DESC, ASC, and also without orderby option … You can see the problem here : .
    So is there a way to sort images by their filenames using gallery ?

    2) When I clik on an image that is too big (505 px for the Freshy theme I use), there’s just a small part of the image that appears on the web page. See here : . I know I could I resize my pics first using another tool, but I would prefer not resizing them so when I’ll change my WP theme using a bigger one, I will not have to resize my pics in order for them to be bigger (PC screen sizes are always getting bigger and bigger …).
    So is there a gallery option that could solve this problem ?

    Thanks a lot for your help,




    Overall, it seems there might be a resizing problem going on right now.

    About reordering using orderby and image ID, there was someone else recently asking and could not get it to work correctly. ID is the name of the file when you upload it; not the title or caption you may give it after uploading.

    Since we don’t have access to the backend workings of the Gallery shortcode, it would be a good idea to contact support directly on both the above issues.

    (Regardless, if there is a small number of photos in your gallery, you can drag and drop the images in the Image Uploader to reorder them.)



    Hello Jennifer,

    Thanks for your answer. I’ve looked at the topic you give me … but it seems the ID option does not work fine as the other guy wrote it on this topic …

    You’re right, when there are a small number of photos I can use drag and drop … but when there are 30, 40 or more photos, I get crazy doing this …

    Regarding the resizing, as Ive alerady uploaded almost 200 photos in 10 galleries, I’ll get crazy reloading them all (and reordering …) after resizing :-(

    You tell me to contact support directly on both the 2 issues … but I thaught I did it, no ??? I’ve used the form . Is it right or should I use another contact form ???

    Hope there’s a issue to my problems !!!


    I have the same problem with the resizing. Will this be fixed? Because resizing each one is not really an option. Isn’t it possible to change the link on the thumbnail, so that it skips the page that doesn’t resize and goes directly to fullscreen mode? I tried to change the links, but even if I do everything write the blog just resets the urls back to the failuresized pages



    @hervej-That’s the right place. The Support forum is user-to-user although both moderators and staff (key masters) come through as well.

    @benjistkurzinchina-if your blog is hosted on wordpress.COM, and you used the Gallery to insert your images then please contact support at that link as well. As I already mentioned above, we users do not have any control over the backend behavior of the Gallery shortcode, so there isn’t anything we can do, only support.

    If you are not on, ie self-hosted, then please visit the support forum for



    OK, so I’ll wait until the support team answers to this post.

    Regarding the rezising problem, it seems there’s a bug since today. Bruderz have the same problem than me, see



    I’ve close this post since the WP team is working on the resizing problem

    I will open another post regarding the Gallery Ordering

    PS : Thanks Justjennifer and Benjiistkurzinchina for your help !

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